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  2. Jazz
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  1. Departure Songs
    by We Lost The Sea
    Bogatyri Bogatyri
    No other band nor musician has caught my attention on Bandcamp quite as We Lost the Sea did with their Departure Songs. Not only is the concept behind the album interesting in and of itself, but it's compellingly explored, with a deep sense of respect for its' subject matter, but also done with extraordinary gusto, using a wide array of prog-rock and post-rock language. This makes Departure Songs stand out a one solid record I just can't get enough of.
  2. No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears
    by Goonies Never Say Die
    Paul Paul
  3. Primeval Forest Hymns
    by Nubiferous
    Ognetsvet Ognetsvet
  4. Tethys
    by Tethys
    Stepping on Cliffs Stepping on Cliffs
  5. II
    by Tethys
    Tevennec Tevennec
  6. BAYS
    by Fat Freddy's Drop
    10 Feet Tall 10 Feet Tall
    FFD's BAYS mixes reggae and dub with snippets of electronica, a dash of chiptunes and a wind phrases reminiscent of Burnin' Spear. Lyrics blend right in with the rest of the instruments to a great effect. FFD have earned themselves a new fan. Great music!!!
  7. Can't Wait for Perfect
    by Bob Reynolds
    Nine Lives Nine Lives
  8. Topics of Conversation
    by Tim Wolfe, Jr.
    Niphoc Niphoc
  9. Almost Dark
    by Erik Jackson
    For The Lonely ft. Vicky Flint For The Lonely ft. Vicky Flint
  10. La geometria delle abitudini
    by Vostok
    L'ultima notte L'ultima notte
  11. Nautiloid Quest
    by Nautilus
    Serengeti Serengeti
  12. The Saturday Bridge
    by Shards Of Reason
    The Saturday Bridge The Saturday Bridge
  13. The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft
    by Graham Plowman - HP Lovecraft Horror Music
    The Rats in the Walls The Rats in the Walls
  14. Liminal Dronescape 5: Winter
    by Cousin Silas
    Liminal Dronescape 5: Winter Liminal Dronescape 5: Winter
  15. Reanimation
    by Lights & Motion
    Album Preview: Reanimation Album Preview: Reanimation
  16. Weather The Storm
    by Inward Oceans
    Album Preview: Weather The Storm Album Preview: Weather The Storm
  17. Shine
    by Kevin Moore
    Shine (Intro) Shine (Intro)