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  1. Eidolon: Ambient Tracks
    by Michael Bell
    Fish and Honey Fish and Honey
    For me, the music of Eidolon is a legendary Odyssey that taught me to reconnect with the Argonne, my childhood region. I find that the "Ambient" albums generally fit better with cold seasons.
  2. Eidolon OST
    by Michael Bell
    Night Swim Night Swim
    For me, the music of Eidolon is a legendary Odyssey that taught me to reconnect with the Argonne, my childhood region. I find that the "OST" album generally fit better with warm seasons. I have selected a favorite track, but I am not sure of my choice.
  3. The Tenets of Mercy
    by Michael Bell
    The Little Ones Breathe Heavily and Make Silent Sounds The Little Ones Breathe Heavily and Make Silent Sounds
    I find this album quite similar to "Museum of creation" with perhaps a touch more melancholy and violence. It fits perfectly with the atmosphere inside a cold bunker in the evening lost in the forest or the fields used for a party.
  4. Museum of Creation
    by Michael Bell
    A Lament for the Rain A Lament for the Rain
    These tracks make me want to rush quietly in the plains of Champagne and to pass from village to village under the blazing sun burning the fields.
  5. The Breathing Bridge
    by Michael Bell
    The Wolf Suit The Wolf Suit
    Together with Eidolon, The Breathing Bridge is one of my favorite Michael Bell albums. I often listen to it on winter evenings next to the fire, trying to replay some of its melodies with an acoustic guitar. It evokes for me the melancholy of a misty open landscape of the Meuse or the great plains of Eastern Europe. Sometimes his enchanting melodies make me want to jump into the wet earth with both feet and let myself be swallowed up as if I were food for the soil.
  6. The Faithful
    by Michael Bell
    Spirit Photography Spirit Photography
    In this album, the rhythmic and the repetitions of melodies create a sensation of endless loop, they involve the listener. You can listen to them while walking in the open air, crossing monotonous landscapes, as I did. It gives the impression that from the horizon, a slender creature similar to a pharaoh with serf's antlers will emerge, approaching us and brandishing a sceptre to frighten us and remind us of its superiority, we then have the desire to waddle like it.
  7. Divers Tremblings and Warblings
    by Michael Bell
    Animal Family Animal Family
    This album goes wonderfully with an evening landscape in Champagne Humide. Ambiance of sunset which gives desire to gambol on the paths. It is with this one that I discovered that Michael Bell also excelled in other styles than forest ambiences (like Eidolon).The third track stands out from the rest, it rather evokes a cold and empty lake in autumn, covered with birds, but it is probably my favorite.
  8. Fireplace OST
    by Michael Bell
    Sand and Fire #2 Sand and Fire #2
    A wonderful album to spend a night in the forest by a fire (I tested it!). Some pieces evoke the infinity of the sky above us, others bring us back to earth and remind us that we are in the forest. Its melodies create a real sentimental reverie that makes me want to bivouac again and again in my native region.
  9. The Ascent of Lucifer
    by Michael Bell
  10. Samsara
    by Michael Bell
  11. Abscissa
    by Michael Bell
  12. Night Lights
    by Michael Bell
    A Winter Foundling A Winter Foundling
  13. Strange Lines and Distances
    by Michael Bell
    Throat Fur Throat Fur
    I listened to this album for the first time when I was in the Perthois, a small plain near my home, where its melodies fit perfectly. It's amazing how well many of its tracks fit in with the brick and wood villages of northern France.
  14. Sentient Beings
    by Michael Bell
    Cloud Consciousness Cloud Consciousness
    I haven't yet found a concrete landscape illustration for this album that I really like. I often listen to it in the evening by the wood-burner, it is very pleasant and makes you want to dance alone.
  15. Audience
    by Michael Bell
  16. Call of the Abyss
    by Michael Bell
    Needle Mountain Needle Mountain
    With "The Breathing Bridge", Call of the Abyss is one of the few albums that fits perfectly with the open and melancholic hills of the Meuse. Its tracks illustrate very well these misty and sad landscapes and give them the so little estimated and yet really present charm they have.
  17. Behind the Light
    by Michael Bell
  18. Flood Year
    by Michael Bell
  19. Pelagic Flame
    by Michael Bell
  20. Voices in Reverse: Selected Tracks
    by Michael Bell