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  1. Long Forgotten Cities II
    by Archean Nights
  2. Entombed in Infinite Waters
    by Archean Nights
  3. Designation
    by Designation
  4. Growth and Decay
    by Floating Shrine
  5. Banefyre
    by Crippled Black Phoenix
  6. Rituals of the Lost Empire
    by Rojinski
  7. Edda
    by Vévaki
  8. The Very Last Moment
    by Rojinski
  9. Coma
    by Rojinski
    Coma (part 3) Coma (part 3)
    While the idea of being trapped in a coma is something of a nightmare, there's a comfort to be taken in this album as it washes over you. A melancholy is present throughout, particularly in part 3. Has been a fine accompaniment to writing reflective moments of my fantasy books.
  10. Induction
    by Gdanian
  11. Enchantment of the Ring (1999 version)
    by Matthew P. Davis
  12. The Father Kills
    by Rojinski
  13. All Roads Lead Home
    by Mount Shrine
  14. Phantoms Received
    by Apocryphos
  15. The Lagganberry Man
    by Beluga Lagoon
    Homo Sapien Lullaby Homo Sapien Lullaby
    A fine album from start to finish, I can't imagine any better soundtrack for gallivanting about Scotland. Personal highlights are Sunset and Homo Sapien Lullaby because I'm a grim and moody fellow and these sounds just do it for me.
  16. The Caledonian Fig Tree
    by Beluga Lagoon
    Creature Creature
    A wee stunner from start to end. I picked a favourite track, but it's a close call with most of them - they all fit a certain time.

    Stick Creature on as you set yourself up for a camp just as the sunlight fades!
  17. The Small Boat & The Big Sea
    by Beluga Lagoon
  18. Hidden Creators
    by Rojinski
  19. Nimbe d'Aurores
    by Hiemal
  20. Creation of a Star
    by Planet Supreme