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  1. Puzzles (Extended Play)
    by Sensorica
  2. swimming classroom
    by macaroom
  3. H△G×Mili vol.2
    by Mili
  4. Here comes a new challenger!
    by Chinese Football
  5. ASOBI
    by Aseul
  6. Mag Mell
    by Mili
  7. tonite
    by ANNA
  8. Always with you
    by Aseul
  9. Sandcastles (모래성)
    by Aseul
    Musical stream of consciousness. Stream on.
  10. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
    Sugar for the Pill Sugar for the Pill
    Having a soul is not necessary to enjoy Slowdive, but it helps.
  11. Kindred Shadow
    by Pogo
    No Worries No Worries
  12. macaron moon
    by YUC'e
    Datte Datte
  13. Blonde
    by Cœur de pirate
    Les amours dévouées Les amours dévouées
    A pirate's heart can be beautiful. Listen and see...
  14. Ondas
    by Kinack
    Idea for a Brand New World Idea for a Brand New World
  15. Girl's Love 少女愛
    Thigh Highs (feat. Jovani Occomy) Thigh Highs (feat. Jovani Occomy)
    Syncopation like wow!
  16. Chill Out Realms
    by Motion Drive
    Bombay Day Trip Bombay Day Trip
  17. Dive
    by Tycho
    Epigram Epigram
    Tycho's music - I could sit and watch it all day!
  18. let's go
    by In Love With A Ghost
  19. Heart Beat Circuit
    by Smoke Thief
    Mirror Pool (ft. Takahiro Izutani) Mirror Pool (ft. Takahiro Izutani) the concept as much as the music...
  20. Echo
    by 유카리(Yukari)
    09 Where Do I Go?*Bonus track_only released in Japan 09 Where Do I Go?*Bonus track_only released in Japan
    Good stuff...