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  1. Mexico
  2. Rock
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    by Messer Chups
    Enjoy the silence Enjoy the silence
  2. Town Of Shelter
    by The Aqua Barons
  3. Hale'iwa Hustle b/w Banzai Pipeline
    by The Surfrajettes
    Banzai Pipeline Banzai Pipeline
  4. Unknown Seas
    by The Aqua Barons
  5. (GC052) Southeast Stompers (CD/digital)
    by The Aqua Barons
    Ίσως (Eesos) Ίσως (Eesos)
    Y tú, tú contestado...
    Quizás, quizás, quizás.
  6. Fathomless
    by The Fathoms
    Last Stand in The Sand (2017 bonus track) Last Stand in The Sand (2017 bonus track)
    Without words, magnificent!!!!!
  7. Fathom This!
    by The Fathoms
    Tail Waggin' Tail Waggin'
  8. Overboard
    by The Fathoms
    Fathomized Fathomized
  9. Greetings From Brazil
    by Reverb Brasil
    Maracaípe Maracaípe
    Muy buen disco y melodía. Vale mucho escucharlo.
  10. Live Crash Wild Punk!
    by The Dead Rocks
    Surf Party 06.26.15 Tiki Pop Fever Festival - St.Tropèz/France Surf Party 06.26.15 Tiki Pop Fever Festival - St.Tropèz/France
  11. International Brazilian Surfs
    by The Dead Rocks
    Maui's Sunset Maui's Sunset
  12. Mondo Harp
    by Messer Chups
    It's wonderful and more...classic flauvor.
  13. Calling of the Deep
    by Dirty Fuse
    Sombrero Sombrero
  14. Take It!
    by Bamboogie Injections
    Dissolved In The Ocean Dissolved In The Ocean
  15. WJLP Is Out of This World
    by WJLP
    Astro Twist Astro Twist
    Just listen and enjoy.
  16. Maze of sounds
    by Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers
    Tha Boogee Tha Boogee
    I still enjoy the album, it is pacific and a pleasure to listen. Congratulations!!!
  17. Mysteriis Alienis Mundi
    by The Taikonauts
    Mexico Deluxe Coda Mexico Deluxe Coda
  18. Misión Tango Surf
    Blue Tango Blue Tango
  19. Surf Noir
    by The 427's
    Stingray Shuffle No. 1 Stingray Shuffle No. 1
    Melodically idyllic sound good, only I differ of the sound of the motorcycle.
  20. Beans, Tortillas & Chili (and even some wine)
    by Los Venturas