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  1. Demos
    by Cryptic Rising
  2. Servile
    by Maltheist
  3. Split
    by Clawing / Offerbeest
  4. Insides
    by Isserley
  5. Puritan
    by Primitive Knot
    Complicity Complicity
    With its grungy, grimy electronics, thick drum machines and occasional dark and brooding atmospheres, Primitive Knot's "Puritan" oftentimes reads more like a noise rock album than the harsh noise and power electronics that Deathbed Tapes is known for. And yet, for this reason and many others, the album stands out within the label's ever-growing discography. A solid and memorable offering for fans of Uniform and Dieselsex.
  6. All Will Drown
    by Lights Out, God Help Me
    Trash Trash
    "All I am is fucking trash, but I'm still better than you."
    If there's a line that can perfectly represent this entire album, it would be the one I just quoted above. All Will Drown spends its duration flicking between self-deprecation and spite, with Joseph's sharp wit and sharper production giving impact to each and every insult. It's music that makes me feel good, especially when I'm feeling like shit.
  7. The Dolores Umbridge EP
    by Lights Out, God Help Me
  8. Autopsy
    Despite already knowing what to expect from these two artists, I still found myself obsessing over this track from the moment I took my first listen. A rampant noisefest accompanied by unnerving horror atmospherics, tied together with Roxxi Wallace's (by now) trademark disheartened lyrics and depressive vocal delivery. The only thing scarier than this track is the sheer number of times I'm going to find myself hitting the replay button.
  9. Triptych
    by Tapewyrm
    Dominion Dominion
    This album doesn't want you to live. Every single track, top to bottom, is out to beat the living shit out of you in the messiest and least dignified manner possible, only ever giving you just enough of a reprieve to make the next blow that much more painful. If you're not a fan of the harsher side of powernoise, you won't last an eighth of the way in. But if you're like me, then this chunking, stomping, speaker-destroying mess is something you'll enjoy from start to finish.
  10. SADPOSTING悲しい転記
    by Isserley
    Death Is My Gift Death Is My Gift
    Like a good Clive Barker or Stephen King novel, Roxxi's music manages to combine the dark, strange and (in some cases) downright perverse in a way that's as entertaining as it is terrifying, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of such than this album. The music is definitely not for the faint of heart, but to me, that's just part of the appeal.
    by Isserley
  12. Cutest Girls Suicide Cult
    by Isserley
    The Doom Generation The Doom Generation
    While it retains the trademarks that made her prior releases so captivating (indeed, many of the tracks are songs from her previous outfit, augmented by new ideas and production techniques), the truth is that this album is a different beast from Roxxi's previous efforts, one that seems far more bent on eating the listener alive. With the help of Ripley Sterling, the self-proclaimed "saddest girl in Australia" has developed her sound into something merciless, unforgiving and thoroughly unhinged.
  13. Death Threat Recriminations
    by Skinflick
  14. Halo Of Flies / The Maggot Circle
    by Skinflick
  15. Year of the Dogs
    by Skinflick
  16. Pearls Before Swine
    by Skinflick
  17. Two Ton Loser
    by Skinflick
  18. Six Stone Junkie
    by Skinflick
  19. Crystal Meth Compendium
    by Skinflick
  20. I'm pissing on you but the fire has long since gone out
    by Skinflick