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  1. Des cendres je me consume
    by Daitro
  2. US tour 7 inch
    by Daitro
  3. Bridge
    by Haiki, without, Doxie, Fallsheeps, florence, kocoro, MORETHAN, SEER, weave, yubiori
  4. Split w/ Daïtro
    by Sed Non Satiata
  5. split w/ Sed Non Satiata
    by Daitro
  6. split w/ Raein
    by Daitro
  7. Loma Prieta / Raein Split
    by Loma Prieta
  8. Lament
    by touche amore
  9. Le ciel de notre enfance
    by Sed Non Satiata
  10. Real Americans Spear It EP
    by Look Mexico
  11. THE DAY
    by Curve (JP)
  12. Jokes
  13. When You Are Close, I Am Gone
    by The Saddest Landscape
  14. Full Health
    by The Reptilian
  15. Joie De Vivre/Prawn Split
    by Joie De Vivre
  16. Colossal
    by Colossal
  17. Boyfriends
    by Boyfriends
  18. I've Lost Everything
    by Innards
  19. Tomorrow I Will Take a Knife to Your Confidence
    by Anna Flyaway
  20. Low Health
    by The Reptilian