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  1. Stripped
    by Nadja
  2. Artifical Act of God
    by Nadja & Vampillia
  3. Life Metal
    by SUNN O)))
  4. The Beast You Are
    by Big Business
  5. Jolly Jane EP
    by Jolly Jane
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. The Blue Bird
    by Mark Deutrom
  7. GOLD
  8. Falling with a 1000 Stars and other wonders from the House of Albion
    by Dylan Carlson & Coleman Grey
  9. Conquistador
    by Dylan Carlson
  10. The Clarity
    by Sleep
  11. Bled It Bleed
    by Leech Beech
  12. Gensho
    by Boris & Merzbow
  13. Unlovable and Unnecessary: Thrones Live Series Vol. 5, Russian Recording Studio Bloomington, IN
    by Thrones
  14. Unlovable And Unnecessary: Thrones Live Series Volume 7, Live At KFJC 5/20/2014
    by Thrones
  15. Sperm Whale
    by Thrones
  16. Alraune
    by Thrones
  17. Unlovable and Unnecessary: Thrones Live Series Vol. 6, 20th Anniversary Show
    by Thrones
  18. Pink (Deluxe Edition)
    by Boris
  19. Noise
    by BORIS
  20. Dear
    by Boris
  21. Asobi Seksu x Boris Split 7"
    by Asobi Seksu x Boris
  22. Pillow Fort Basement Demo
    by Jolly Jane
  23. Werewolf: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy & Sohns
    by The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
  24. CAVERN
    by The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
  25. Fluffer: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy and Hawks
    by The Grasshopper Lies Heavy / Hawks
  26. Supercollider
    by CAVITY - "Supercollider"
  27. Combine
    by Buzz Rodeo
  28. A Walk With Love & Death
    by Melvins
  29. Omega Pig (pink)
    by hepa.Titus and Teenage Larvae
  30. Crystal Fairy
    by Crystal Fairy
  31. Rabbits/Hog Dance
    by DEAD
  32. Unpopularity Contest
    by DEAD + Wicked City
  33. We Won't Let You Sleep
    by DEAD
    by DEAD
  35. Jettison
    by Bellringer
  36. FM Warm Weather
    by hepa-Titus
    by The Hand
  38. Hard Rock Amerika (love 666 cover)
    by hepa-Titus
  39. Curtains
    by The Powder Room
  40. New Directionz
    by Hammerhead
  41. Wire Mother
    by hepa-Titus
  42. A Savage God - S/T LP
    by A Savage God
  43. Fire Flood And Acid Mud
    by No Anchor
  44. Steam
    by No Anchor
  45. Real Pain Supernova (Digital Edition)
    by No Anchor