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  1. Somersault
    by Beach Fossils
  2. This Old Dog
    by Mac DeMarco
  3. The Hiding
    by Kacey Johansing
    Hold Steady Hold Steady
  4. This Old Dog
    by Mac DeMarco
  5. Foreplay
    by Mild Orange
  6. Naked All The Time
    by Sports
  7. Happy To Be Here
    by Barrie
  8. Skiptracing
    by Mild High Club
    by Sunset Rollercoaster
  10. Feng Suave
    by Feng Suave
  11. Everything Hurts (All the Time)
    by My Friend Alan
  12. Soft Focus
    by Vanilla
  13. High Life
    by Vanilla
  14. Chrometrails
    by Vanilla
  15. For What It's Worth
    by Vanilla
  16. Sweet Talk
    by Vanilla
  17. Vanillarabb
    by Vanillarabb
  18. Night Visions (EP)
    by Vanilla
  19. Filoxiny
    by Skinshape
    by Sunset Rollercoaster
  21. Slow Air
    by Still Corners
  22. Superclean Vol. I
    by The Marías
  23. Sex & Food
    by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  24. Odyssey
    by HOME
  25. Bem Melhor
    by The MIK
  26. Morning Glory
    by Mark Whalen
  27. Moonlight
    by Vanilla
  28. Vibes & Days
  29. Mahjong Room
    by Ginger Root
  30. Origin
    by Vanilla
  31. It's Alright EP
    by Highwaves
  32. Searching
    by Steven Alexander
  33. After Dark
    by pecas
    French Kiss French Kiss
    This album makes gentle love to my ears. More please :)
  34. Great Hair
    by Flamingosis
  35. Flight Fantastic
    by Flamingosis
  36. Bright Moments
    by Flamingosis
  37. Pleasure Palette
    by Flamingosis
  38. A Groovy Thing
    by Flamingosis
  39. Newski
    by Flamingosis
  40. Gemini
    by Wild Nothing
  41. Albatross
    by Aaberg
  42. Heron
    by Aaberg
  43. Invitation To Her's
    by Her's
  44. 'Any Word'
    by Municipality
  45. World Class
    by Luxury Elite