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Nell Mamleeva

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  1. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
    by Boards of Canada
    In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  2. Peel Session
    by Boards of Canada
    Aquarius (Version 3) (Peel Session) Aquarius (Version 3) (Peel Session)
  3. 4 of those
    by Machinespirit
    Night Ride Night Ride
    by Sidewalks and Skeletons
    It makes me imagine that I'm in my ideal goth party, there's all my friends around and no one annoys me!
  5. Something In Me
    by Piston Damp
  6. Fears and Hope
    by Machinespirit
  7. Awaken
    by The Joke Jay
    Invasion Invasion
    Total excitement!
  8. Aastaajad
    by EЛEVEN
    Jaanuar Jaanuar
    Электронная сказка про 12 месяцев! Моё восхищение и обожание!
  9. Lunatic (feat. Requiem4FM)
    by N-616
  10. Slow Diving
    by Cats Park
    Feel It Feel It
  11. Lustful Sacraments
    Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze
  12. Doppelgänger x2
    by ЛАВА
    Вторая Волна ft. KATA Вторая Волна ft. KATA
    Восхищаюсь вами!
  13. Casa Luna
    by Lycia
    Except Except
    I'm splitting in your music definitely
  14. Harvest (Expanded Edition)
    by The Grus
    Sunbeams Sunbeams
    Это как разговор с самим собой на самые больные темы, которые, если их открыть, кольнут прямо в душу.
  15. Hata Payı
    by Jakuzi
    Şüphe Şüphe
    Just makes me want to exhaust myself on a goth party somewhere!!!!!
  16. Ceremony
    by Anna von Hausswolff
    Deathbed Deathbed
    Masterpiece, absolute masterpiece! I hardly believe in people, I don't believe in happiness, but I'll never loose my faith in music!
  17. As The Love Continues
    by Mogwai
    Fuck Off Money Fuck Off Money
    LOVE them
  18. Asta la Vista
    The Shadow The Shadow
    С удовольствием слушаю, подпеваю и переслушиваю!
  19. Civil disobedience
    by Leaether Strip
    Stains Stains
    10 years ago I discovered this catchy piece of dark electronic and still amused by it. BTW hugs to you and Kurt!
  20. Thalassa
    by Ioanna Gika
    Out of Focus Out of Focus
    Magnificent synth fairy tale with a touching female voice. Reminds me about some greek myths & legends. ;)