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Nell Mamleeva

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  1. Церопластика (Плангонология, часть I)
    by Zooloft
    An universal magical synth pill to calm your mind.
    by KMFDM
    One of the best tracks to kick somebody's ass and release yourself from inner psychologic blocks!
    by KMFDM
    It's like an invisible energy.
  4. Fountain Of National Radio
    by Rhys Fulber
    It is something beyond, it is something coming from the other world and touching your soul like a needle in a wound to prove yourself, that you're still alive.
  5. Тревожный опыт
    by Kira Lao
    Ohmsk Ohmsk
    Мощный душевный выброс всего невысказанного, наболевшего и кровоточащего, это не может не тронуть на тонком уровне.
  6. Ora Oblivionis
    by Velvet Acid Christ
    I'm proud to support such a talented man as Bryan. His music is such a double effect pill for every moment of your life.
  7. Fade to Black
    by Zooloft
    Лекарство от девичьих слёзок Лекарство от девичьих слёзок
    May I don't explain..If I would be able to compose synth music, I'd create something similar.
  8. summertime sadness [single]
    by Requiem4FM
    Ы! :)
  9. One
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Sometimes you should listen to something happy so as not to drown in self-digging. This song is perfect match!
  10. Oak Wood
    Egress Egress
    catchy atmosphere of 80's in each track
  11. Torn In Two
    by Requiem4FM
    Night In A Coma Night In A Coma
    Muzik elektronik with juicy guitars, cool leading vocal & super guest vocals =)
  12. Konglomerat
    by Gottwut
    Fuck Machine Fuck Machine
    Russian industrial's alive! =)
  13. h01e
    by Purple Fog Side
    h01e 02 high tech low life h01e 02 high tech low life
  14. Alternative Facts (Extended Edition)
    by Felix Marc
    I'm in love with this album, I just can't find any words to explain. Bravo, Felix!
  15. Bound
    by THYX
    Powerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/
  16. The Discord
    by Purple Fog Side
    Ashen Sleepwalkers Ashen Sleepwalkers
    PFS became one of the most important parts of my life. We're simply undividable.
  17. Shattered
    by Stillife
    The Other Side The Other Side
    One of the most touching and delicate albums on russian dark scene. It bursted me into tears.
  18. Anthology XX
    by Purple Fog Side
    PFS forever!
  19. The Unquiet Grave
    by Alien Skin
    After The Funeral After The Funeral
    How can I describe my feelings when I listen to this album? Upset?Devastated? In sorrow? Listen to it. It can fullfill your emptiness and leave you with tranquility. A great synth masterpiece.
  20. Epik
    by Requiem4FM
    Epik (feat. Ruined Conflict) Epik (feat. Ruined Conflict)
    This album is energetic, cheerful and even full of some thoughts, that are in my mind. Grand respect to Dmitry!
  21. Dangerous Days
    It's simply like a detonated bomb in retrowave!