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  1. Nothing Stays The Same
    by Harbours
    Is This What You Wanted? Is This What You Wanted?
    This is sick shit. Energetic and badass. For fans of Embracer.
  2. For When You're Falling Backwards
    by Rome Hero Foxes
    The Cold The Cold
    This album is SENSATIONAL. Heartfelt relationship blues put to music. For fans of Artifex Pereo and Sianvar.
  3. My Father's Will
    by Embracer
    Downtrodden Downtrodden
    Extremely somber, bittersweet and emotional. Really speaks to the soul, makes you nostalgic about things that never happened. For fans of Johnny Craig.
  4. Buster
    by Admiral Angry
    Android Android
    Do NOT be fooled by the cute bunny rabbit and the psychedelic text font. This album will grow you a pair and then promptly crush it. This is the album that sends you into a never-ending rage-induced frenzy. Think "Soulless Hymns" by The Last Ten Seconds of Life on cocaine. For fans of The Last Ten Seconds of Life.
  5. Secret Youth
    by Callisto
    Acts Acts
    I've been a fan of Callisto for a good 4 or 5 years. This album has captivated me for the past 3. Literally takes you to another world with unbelievable soundscapes and haunting vocals. Amazing amazing AMAZING record. For fans of Rosetta, Year of No Light and Mouth of the Architect.
  6. Lumière
    by The Afterimage
    Unseen Unseen
    A brilliant djent record. Kyle's vocals can reach amazing highs and impossible lows. Simply excellent. For fans of Invent, Animate and Ghost Iris.
  7. Pursue
    by The Afterimage
    Stellar single from a stellar band, Kyle's vocal soar through this track as powerfully as they do in Lumiere. Highly recommended. For fans of Invent, Animate and Ghost Iris.
  8. Decay
    by Ghosts of Glaciers
    Inversion Inversion
    The post-metal sibling of "Mammal" by Altar of Plagues. A completely instrumental album. Very dark, bleak, heavy. Quite enjoyable. Sounds like it's coming from a dungeon. For fans of Hope Drone.
  9. Sword and Scale
    by Fuming Mouth
    Tumulting and monumentous. Although short, this crashes through everything in it's path. For fans of early Druid Lord and Plebeian Grandstand.
  10. Sentiment
    by Wither Away
    Powerful, emotional, raw. For fans of Anberlin, Decoder and Oceana.
  11. Agonist
    by Latitudes
    Myth Cathexis Myth Cathexis
    A gift from my love, this band was my introduction to the world of post-metal, some four years ago. To this day it still holds autumn nostalgia for me. Massive, monumental, crashing and crushing. Filled with melody and accompanied by haunting clean vocals. For fans of Pelican, Cult of Luna and Isis.
  12. Allomaternal
    by Stolas
    Hiraeth Hiraeth
    Wildly entertaining, energetic, fast-paced and emotional. For fans of Circa Survive, Sianvar and Dance Gavin Dance.
  13. Vice Regalia
    by The Mire
    Hell Libertine Hell Libertine
    The end of an era of glorious, excellent post-metal. THE MIRE's final EP, featuring fast-paced drumming and harsh vocals unheard of in earlier works, yet still possessing that distinctive Mire sound. Truly a marvelous way to go out.

    [ 2009 - 2015 ]
  14. The Spirited City: Lux [Reissue]
    by Before Giants
    Lux Lux
    Rebellious, catchy, surprisingly enjoyable. For fans of Proletariat.
  15. The Hate Campaign
    by Traitors
    Disappoint Disappoint
    Violently aggressive, crushing, suffocating. This is civil unrest and anarchy put to music. For fans of Feign.
  16. Occupants
    by NO OMEGA
    Takers Takers
    The predecessor of Shame, Occupants delivers twice the nostalgia and twice the sorrow. With guest vocals from the members of This Gift Is A Curse and Bastions, Occupants takes you for a lonely ride in the dark and desolate night, alone with your thoughts and haunted by what could have been.
  17. Volume: II
    by The Mire
    Shadows Shadows
    Phenomenal. Majestic. Haunting. Melancholic. The precursor to the eventual masterpiece that is Glass Cathedrals. THE MIRE can do no wrong. For fans of Latitudes and Minsk.

  18. Gray Light
    by Apart
    Candles and Calendars Candles and Calendars
    A downpour of raw emotions that drowns you in misery. For fans of Book of Caverns.
  19. Pariso & Svalbard
    by Pariso & Svalbard
    Floating Anchors Floating Anchors
    In-your-face and aggressive, badass. Roughs you up by the collar and punches you in the gut. For fans of No Omega.
    by RORCAL
    VI VI
    Colossal, monumental. Majestically dooming. The soundtrack of the end of days. For fans of Impaled Nazarene.
  21. Below The Ever Setting Sun
    by Grey Waters
    Say Goodbye Say Goodbye
    This album played a crucial role in my transition into the world of post-black metal. This is the musical equivalent of late night car rides with the windows down and the wind blowing all around, and chilly summer sunsets. Pure nostalgia. For fans of Alda, Celephais, and early Deafheaven.
  22. Elysium
    by Atlas Machine
    Nine Of Swords Nine Of Swords
    Otherworldly, mystical, dreamy, mysterious. Feels like you're underwater, drifting down to the darkness at the bottom of the ocean. For fans of The Haxan Cloak.
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  23. Priorities
    by Cardinals Pride
    Disparity Disparity
    Inspiring and uplifting, emotional and personal with not a small touch of determination. For fans of Architects, early Veil of Maya and Proletariat.
  24. Crumbling Ore
    Dissonant and chaotic, overwhelming and nerve-wracking. This is pure hell. For fans of Pharmakon, Prurient, and early Locrian.
  25. Shame
    by NO OMEGA
    Vacants Vacants
    I had a couple of their songs in one of my Spotify playlists for the better part of a year, and forgot about them until late last year. Raw and emotional. Guilt-ridden and desolate hardcore. For fans of Converge, Pariso and Svalbard.
  26. Liberty & Tyranny
    by Proletariat
    Searching For Something More Searching For Something More
    Archaic Eclipse goes tech death. Up close and personal, full of emotion and heart-wrenching melodies. For fans of Archaic Eclipse, Veil of Maya, and Cardinals Pride.
  27. "Ceremonies of Humiliation"
    by Thou
    Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice
    Utterly crushing and devastatingly bleak sludge metal. For fans of Burning Witch, Indian, and The Body.