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  1. Wildlands
    by Brombaer
  2. Shepherd
    by Brombaer
  3. Cosmic Flow (Music from the VR Experience)
    by Amethystium
    Immersing myself in this beautiful sound-bath. A wonderful gift - thank you 🙏🏻
  4. The Passing Seasons
    by aeron
    The Moon is Shining The Moon is Shining
    A beautiful album of mesmerising tracks and soundscapes that captivate me, and gently persuade me to stop what I’m doing, unwind and take a breather.
    I listen whilst working (I find it improves my concentration) and it’s a delightful accompaniment to my woodland walks. Wonderful album by a truly talented artist. Well done, Wyn!
  5. N E O N
    by Ronnie Christopher Doyle
    Highway // Cityscape Highway // Cityscape
    N E O N is full of mystery, intrigue, desire and longing. An alluring, thought-provoking concept album from Ronnie. Wonderful sound design.
  6. Silencio
    by Brombaer
    Template Template
    I have been following Brombaer from several years now and throughout that time I have never been disappointed with his music. Every track here is beautiful, but 'Template' simply makes me melt and touches my soul.
  7. Dying To Self
    by Pyrrhic
    The Unsure The Unsure
    What a beautiful album from Pyrrhic! Every track is 'heart on keys', honest and sincere, leading perfectly on to the next. It is very hard to chose a favourite track as I love them all equally. The piano, for me, is a special instrument, and it is a delight to hear it played so thoughtfully, beautifully and emotionally, throughout the album. Highly recommended!
  8. Walking Wounded
    by Pyrrhic
    What Have I Become? What Have I Become?
    Composer Jonathan has poured his heart and soul in to this EP, and it shows. Big fan of his work - so glad to see this new release - hoping for an album too!
  9. Song Of The Highest Tower
    by Halo
    Song Of The Highest Tower Song Of The Highest Tower
    Really, really hard to single out a favourite track. I love them all! Halo has a beautiful musical mind, and this is reflected right here.
  10. Demons
    by Simon Herron
  11. Tribes
    by Harvey Summers
    Habibi (My Beloved) Habibi (My Beloved)
    I can't tell you how much I love this track! Excellent production all round. I'm getting good vibes from 'Tribes' - download your copy now :)
  12. Luther's Musical Companion
    by The celturian
    Celtic Journey 3:44 Celtic Journey 3:44
    Simply a 'must-have' for any lover of guitar music out there. TC turns music into magic once again. Glad to have this gem in my collection!
  13. Scenes from the four seasons
    by Halo
  14. Jupiter
    by Harvey Summers
    Proud to have this in my collection. Harvey and I are on the same page! Driven by passion for space, the stars and other worlds. A real gem!
  15. Masquerade
    by Simon Herron
    Masquerade Masquerade
    Melancholy songs without being depressing. Would love to see Simon perform live at one of his gigs some day!
  16. Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis
    by Lee Lucas
    Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis
    My fave track on the album has got to be 'Ancient Ruins of Atlantis'. You can clearly hear how much hard work has gone into this fantastic journey of an album from Lee. It's a stunner!
  17. Memory Lake
    by Shards Of Reason
  18. Under Bali Skies
    by Diederik de Jonge
    Under Bali Skies Under Bali Skies
  19. Ambient Rhodes (EP)
    by Lee Lucas
  20. Joy's Sounds of Healing
    by Oliver Sadie