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  1. Acid Cask Trilogy
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
  2. S27-X (II)
    by Various Artists
  3. S27-X (I)
    by Various Artists
  4. Swec Rollo
    by Othello Aubern
  5. Folk Etymology
    by Autumn Of Communion
  6. Learn to Brew with Roy of the Ravers & Myoptik
    by Roy of the Ravers & Myoptik
    heck, i never knew I could get so drunk and still feel the euphoria. i've realised i need to brew more often. much better than the sh*t you get in shops. nine in the bush is always best. i like long drinks, and then another four more...
  7. Bench Manoeuvres
    by Velum Break
  8. Night Raidz
    by myoptik
  9. Neon Streamz
    by myoptik
  10. Dark Manoeuvres in the Orchestra
    by OVT
  11. Ostati
    by HVL
  12. Propellant
    by Myoptik
  13. Rave 'Till You Cry
    by Bogdan Raczynski
  14. aux4414
    by viewtiful joe & titch thomas
  15. Dimensional People
    by Mouse On Mars
  16. "Dopamine"
    by RX-101
  17. SE1 Acid (1 Per Customer)
    by Roy of the Ravers
  18. Maritime Mileage
    by Myoptik
  19. Selected Ambient
    by Rayspark Industries
  20. Manimal
    by Nexus 23
  21. Above & Beyond
    by Carbinax
  22. The Leaf Switch
    by Positive Centre
  23. World Building
    by Rolando Simmons
  24. 4 TABS EP (digital dj release)
    by The Kosmik Kommando
    Compulsive and propulsive acid that leaves you craving the dancefloor...
  25. Most of What Follows is True, remixes
    by Various Artists / Colin Webster & Graham Dunning
  26. LOVCD00
    by Various Artists
  27. Dalekovod 7 - The Future Is Here
    by Crobot Muzik
  28. Rapture
    by Fxbip
  29. Musical Mastication Volume 4
    by Various
    Black Diamond pt.1 - Into The Cleddau Black Diamond pt.1 - Into The Cleddau
    I can't stop listening to this. Not only are there over 30 amazing tracks by great musical artists, but also all proceeds from the album go to MacMillan Cancer Support via Touched Music!
  30. Guac Van Tippl
    by Peata Out
    Great autumnal caravan music, goes really well with cider and plumes of outdoor wood smoke.
  31. Matt Whitehead vs Myoptik
    by Matt Whitehead vs Myoptik
    Myoptik - Eclipse Myoptik - Eclipse
    I listen to this cassette whenever i go out for a drive, which is approximately twice a year because i cycle so much. Knowing that this is what i am going to listen to excites me about getting in the car; it makes it a true pleasure. A real cruise album...
  32. Covert 3
    by Touched Music
  33. Amhain Sampler II
    by Amhain
  34. Immersion
    by Rayspark Industries
    Crisp and moody; a nice deep listen for a dark night. Recommended.
  35. Dalekovod V6 - Crobots VS Cancer
    by Crobot Muzik
  36. Sectioned v7.0
    by Various Artists
    Dopcid59 Dopcid59
    wonderful and ginormous collection that captures the length and breadth of electronic music exploration in the 21st century!
  37. Mutant Waves
    by Abseits Recordings
  38. Amhain Sampler 1
    by Amhain
  39. Musical Mastication Volume 3
    by myoptik
    cm222 (online preview edit) cm222 (online preview edit)
    It's wall-to-wall on this vivid collection; like a tube train packed with your favourite confectionary. Every track is a blinder.
  40. minolops
    by misterben
    by THE HORN
    Villager Villager
    Stuff of legend iddennum bey? Famous people still rave about The Villager..
  42. SW Nine To Fortean
    by Myoptik & Friends
  43. Contrivances
    by Ursa
    There's some really nice detail on this album. Recommended.
  44. Musical Mastication Volume 2
    by Musical Mastication Volume 2
    303UP 303UP
    This is where the party is at, a veritable smorgasbord of happy madness. Get involved.
  45. Leap Year Jamboree
    by myoptik
    Cursor Miner - Squink With Me Cursor Miner - Squink With Me
    Even better than the cover art work, a true Jamboree of happy sounds from some great artists.