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Mr Myoplast 2

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  1. Two Worlds
    by The Exaltics
  2. Heavy Hitter
    Frequency Patterns Frequency Patterns
  3. PL_anet - Proteus
    by Crobot Muzik
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. EDM D
    by Jodey Kendrick
  5. Transmitting Illicit Logic
    by Cosmic Force
  6. [BT22] Luxus Varta - Then We Fall
    by brokntoys
  7. Das Heise Experiment 2
    by The Exaltics
  8. Planet Funk Express
    by Scape One
  9. Retape
    by Retape
  10. II-V (Deluxe Edition)
    by Labyrinthine
  11. Deep South Bass Cuts
    by Textasy
  12. WT 27 ALONZO
    by WT Records
  13. I Am A Clone
    by Dj Di'jital
  14. From The Mind of The Master
    by Dj Di'jital
  15. Love Arp
    by Fah
  16. Spider
    by Alexis_Nembrode
  17. The Morning That Never Came...
    by Alexis_Nembrode
  18. Fading Headlights
    by Alexis_Nembrode
  19. Das Heise Experiment 2 - The Prequel
    by The Exaltics
  20. 5 Mixes - 1999-2019
    by Bogdan Raczynski
  21. [SUBAPICAL01] SC-164 - Eastern District
    by SC-164
    Tracked Tracked
    Organic and dark just how I like it. Perfect. Strong basslines and unique composition. Strongly recommend.
  22. [BT08] Obergman - Quantum Eraser
    by brokntoys
  23. Qz 34
    by WeJa Priest
  24. Dosing The Population
    by Galaxian
  25. Tha Cove Mix Vol. 2
    by MACK 187
  27. Eka Bismuth
    by T/error
    The style of T/Error just as one would expect. Dark and calculated. Precise. The tracks have a strange science to them that we mere humans cannot yet understand. As usual T/Error and Bass Agenda deliver.
  28. Spy in thee Caberet (bauhaus cover)
    by Acidbat
  29. [BT15] Komarken Electronics - Expanded Consciousness
    by brokntoys
  30. [BT16] Versalife - Polychange
    by brokntoys
  31. New York Trax 02
    by Boris Brenecki
    01. Boris Brenecki - The Oven 01. Boris Brenecki - The Oven
    Crushing Acid that fits the city and theme of the label. This one is played often. Proper Techno, no bullshit.
  32. UNIT 83 EP (AGD017)
    by Order Of The Muffin
  33. Parasite Lost
    by Ohverclock
  34. Lupercalia
    by Acidbat
  35. Lakks
    by Weakmassive
  36. Calendula
    by Sint
  37. [BT14] London Modular Alliance - Out of Sync
    by brokntoys
  38. His Love
    by Jordan Passmore
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. Supreme (AGD015)
    by Kretz
  40. Un Jour Aux Courses
    by Mr. Myoplast
  41. Window To The World
    by M3taN01a
  42. [BT05] Koova - Empty Spaces
    by brokntoys
  43. [BT01] Pip Williams - Mode#7
    by brokntoys
  44. [BT02] Scape One - Planetoid
    by brokntoys
  45. [BT09] Invisible Darning
    by Crystal Maze, Dez Williams, Echo 106, The Pulse Projects