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  1. Passage
    by Lowercase Noises
    Passage Passage
  2. Tiger Town
    by Dr. DeVito
    Introdoktion Introdoktion
  3. Maps
    by Message To Bears
    Moonlight Moonlight
    loved the other two albums this guy has put out. If you trying to find a good album to read a book to or drink a cup of tea/coffee to than look no further.
  4. In Sydney
    by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
    I Love Creedence I Love Creedence
    This album has grown on me hugely it was the first time i listened to Casiotone and today i can happily say it has to one of the best live albums i have.

    you must buy this album it does take a while to get into but when you do oh boy your into a fun time.
  5. Keep It Safe
    by Wild Ones
    Paia Paia
  6. What It Takes to Move Forward
    by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
    How to Make Love Stay How to Make Love Stay
    Long car trip to the beach

    you need this with some fish and chips or a stick of rock.
  7. Time Moves Quickly
    by Abby Gundersen
    We Will Make It There We Will Make It There
    Not a very well known artist but fits perfect for bus journey's, Sunday mornings or studying.
  8. mantra songs
    by jordaan mason
    stranger stranger
    A very emotional album and that voice.
  9. Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)
    by Dads
    New Pantera New Pantera
  10. Bon Voyage
    by SPORT
    Reggie Lewis Reggie Lewis
  11. This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    Dakota Dakota
    With the recent flooding hitting England I am left waiting for buses to get from college to home every weekday for the past two weeks now, with this album on play and a vanilla latte on hand, it's all good.
  12. The Albatross
    by Foxing
    The Medic The Medic
    So glad to finally get this record.
    Its up their with Hop Along's Get Disowned.
    by Head Honcho
    Porno Porno
    Mostly a instrumental album but brought with the garage sound of Dads.
  14. Mount Modern - All sales during the Trump presidency will go towards ACLU and AI Justice.
    by Dad Rocks!
    Weapons Weapons
  15. All Of It Was Mine
    by The Weather Station
    Traveller Traveller
  16. Sophrosyne
    by WMD
    Another song about Ruby Another song about Ruby
    The perfect album for when it's raining.
  17. when we're snow
    by Infinity Crush
    a morning i woke up a morning i woke up
  18. I wish my brother Rob was here
    by milo
    Vinz Clortho meets Zuul Vinz Clortho meets Zuul
    nerd hop at its best indeed.
  19. Hours Were The Birds
    by Adrianne Lenker
    Indiana Indiana