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  1. Lord Cut-Glass - Digital Album
    by Alun Woodward
  2. what mind?
    by Psilodump
    ...or was it 479? ...or was it 479?
  3. Metelgeuze
    by Greippi
    Free Grates Free Grates
  4. Tanzen
    by Tragic Error
  5. P E R I S H
    by y o u r d i s c o v e r y
    γ ι α π ο ι ο ν ζ ω s e l a h γ ι α π ο ι ο ν ζ ω s e l a h
    the Hosannah one is the only song I've heard that reminded me of the Belgian new beat song "The Dream" by Acts of Madmen which is cool because I really love that song. But it's like that on lean or something. It's awesome I'm happy I got this
  6. Isolxt3d
    Seen Her Seen Her
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  7. work it, no
    by Dead Fader
    Das Hamster Das Hamster
  8. What happened outside
    by Stpocold
  9. Bat Zuppel
    by Bat Zuppel
    Bank Teller Bank Teller
  10. Duct Tape You
    by Guinea Worms
  11. Kõrvaklapid (remastered)
    by Pastacas
    Tumedasse tuppa (bonus track) Tumedasse tuppa (bonus track)
    I found this a long time ago on CD not knowing what it was, just taking a chance.abd it was one of the most nice and unique listening experiences ever. A classic in my book, even though I still have no idea what he's saying. he's also the only Estonia music project I've known much about m the vobubu
    known much about. I'm not an expert but the remaster is gorgeous as ever, and the The bonus tracks are magnificent. this is a classic to me. thanks
  12. Wolf Whistle / Pinned Butterfly (Single)
    by Neon Fauna
  13. Mr Slick Man
    by Johnnie McCormack
  14. Split N°19
    by Vaatican Records
    Cockatoo Cockatoo
    I came here for some Bear And Lampshade tracks tbh, only thing I found after a lazy online search besides the amazing YouTube collection compilation.

    Renegade Android is quality as well adventurous sound design. Thanks for making things like this accessable to pathetic music fiends like me.
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  15. i chop their hands off Susan, always
    by Half Handsome
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  16. Insula
    by Proc Fiskal
  17. Dark Self Image
    by United Mutation
    Your Own Way Your Own Way
  18. Vuoksa
    by Psilodump
  19. Bummeritaville
    by Playboy Manbaby
  20. We Say Hello
    by Jellica
    Dadaque (Featuring Papa Manley) Dadaque (Featuring Papa Manley)