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  1. Space-Time Wasteland (2017 - 2021)
    by DavZ
  2. Purify EP
    by Mvrker
    Apnea Apnea
    Deathcore has been kinda stale for a wee bit now, but when you dig a bit deeper you find a handful of bands that can remedy such a problem.
    I think Mvrker is one such band.
    This ep puts a solid foot forward with stellar production, a sound that is entirely their own, and vocals that work wonders on top of it all.
    Keep an ear on these boys, you won't be disappointed.
  3. May Nothing But Happiness Find You
    by Falls Apart
    Modern Lie Modern Lie
    In the last 2 or so years, metal has become oversaturated with this style of hardcore/beatdown.
    But, despite this it's held strong, and it's because of releases like this.
    Even if it's not reinventing the wheel, MNBHFY is all killer, no filler.
  4. Goodbye, 5o 5oon...
    by Pan!c Pop
    Love Language Love Language
  5. ░█░█░░█░█░█░
    A S G R E T A L O S A S G R E T A L O S
    Never a dull moment in any sermon, but the one improvement that makes me happiest is the mix on the organ.
    It's an instrument with a beefy sound and overbearing presence, where in the older releases it sounds far more relegated to the background.
  6. █ ▓
    A real sonic journey from start to finish but what really makes this is the keys sections from 10 to 14 minutes. That shit is some good rat.
  7. ░ ▒ ▓ █
    Ohfaquiug egidof, varicef odiug peric Ohfaquiug egidof, varicef odiug peric
    Neo-classical has always been a complete turn-off for me, so call it a real shock when I say like this record a lot.
    If I had to pin one aspect that sets it stark apart from its competition, it would be its willingness to step off the gas.
    Slowing down and focusing on the piano as a solo instrument gives the more frenetic sections so much more impact.
  8. Endless Paracosm
    by DavZ
    Crepuscular Rays Crepuscular Rays
    Although I don't feel as strongly about Paracosm as I did Exotic, it's a solid foot forward
    Exotic was an album of bright ideas, while Paracosm takes those ideas and glues them together more cohesively.
    Despite the shorter run time, said ideas feel far better explored and toyed with.
  9. TWO OF NINE: Slipknot Tribute Compilation
    by Quazar
  10. The Neglected Works
    by Weston Super Maim
  11. The Generation Of Danger
    by Tallah
  12. Disposable Youth
    by BAILER
    No Apologies No Apologies
  13. μ'Sick
    by Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship
    I fully blame this ep for turning me into a grind/slam guy.
    I regret going down that rabbit hole because there has yet to be a piece of music that even comes close to measuring up with the work these guys do.
    If this and the DUoSF split cant flip you on either slam or grind... then you're a lost cause
  14. Hiragana Title
    by Tanuki
    I didn't realize just how much power, some thick bass and a good swing had over me...
  15. Timeless
    by Desired
    I Want You I Want You
    A crystalline shimmer and vivacious attitude is a staple sound for Desired, but no LP Embodies that more than Timeless
  16. Anime Wav Groove Vol. 1&2
    by Android52
    Smooth ass grooves to chill, zone out & blankly stare at your monitor to.
    Jokes aside, the blood pumping rhythms and choice inspirations has me reeling the entire journey through this double feature.
    Picking one favorite from this roster of smashers is just too hard.
  17. Daydream
    by DUCAT
    Nu Diskette Nu Diskette
    Not my preferred speed, a little too spacey and distant, but definitely the type of record to enjoy when hotboxing some goons bedroom
    ...or your bedroom...
    Look, just get high and stare at the trippy lights outside, then you're vibin'
    P.S. dont do what dj khaled does, you know what I mean. Its abrasive and interrupts the flow of the songs
  18. Japanese Disco Edits
    by Yung Bae
    Anibabe Anibabe
    If that bass guitar tone were on pretty much every metal album, I could die happy. Unfortunately its not so I'll just live on and listen to this on repeat every now and again
  19. I AM
    by Nicholas Cheung
    Riding the line between lo-fi hip-hop and future funk pretty heavily,.
    if you're a fan of either of those, there'll be something on here for you, considering that it's quite good, it just wasn't my style.
  20. Mr. Sandman (Deluxe Edition)
    by SUI UZI
    Pink Ballad Pink Ballad
    Initially it's quite scattershot but it really comes together in the back end.
    With a stronger set of opening tracks this could have been brilliant.