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  1. Golden Bday: The Mixtape
    by Sir Babygirl
    Dreamgirl Nightmare Dreamgirl Nightmare
    More amazing sapphic pop. It's like highschool if highschool was good~
  2. Northern Lights
    by ISA
    Cannabis Indica Cannabis Indica
    Might be ISA's most earcatching album ~~ I love it!
  3. //beat.tape//
    by ISA
    Darkness Knows Your Heart Darkness Knows Your Heart
    Jazzy as heck!
  4. Deafening Quiet
    by ISA
    Come Back Come Back
    I can get lost in the wide range of moods on this album~~
  5. Bittersweet
    by Jamie Paige
    Paisley Patterns Paisley Patterns
    What an awesome album!
    The variety, the hooks, the beats, the vocals ~~ Jamie just keeps getting better and better! 🎼🎹🎶
  6. Encore
    by Jamie Paige
    omg a duet!!
    GUMI is underrated, almost as underrated as Jamie 😻🎧
  7. People Posture Play Pretend
    by Jamie Paige
    When Spring Comes When Spring Comes
    Can never get enough of these bubbly bops~~ ✨
  8. Reboot
    by EchoLane
    Alive at Laverne's Alive at Laverne's
    Jazzy solid chipfun~
  9. Still Life with Delphinium (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by EchoLane
    Evening Evening
    Chill & atmospheric.
  10. Mountains Where Masses Gather
    by Sarparast
    Hecking incredible.
  11. An Uprising to Carry Your Names
    by Sarparast
    Music for the times, and for the people
  12. Date with Falco OST
    by goodnight girl
    Birdboy Birdboy
    Dang, these tracks do so much work! Everything they need to be and more~~
  13. HFX Demo
    by Filthy Liars
    Shot In The Dark Shot In The Dark
    Captures so much of the PNW . . . . I can't believe it's been a decade already, these songs could have been recorded yesterday.
  14. Whitehorse Chill
    by TV-MA
    Whitehorse Chill Whitehorse Chill
    Chill as heck. More of this in my life tbh~
  15. Resonant Body
    by Octo Octa
    Deep Connections Deep Connections
    At once classic and innovative, I really dig these tracks!
  16. Legend of the Aces
    by Everdune
    Dune Run Dune Run
    Retrofuture fantastic~~
  17. Tracks from the Past Vol. 1
    by Everdune
    Forbidden Worlds Forbidden Worlds
    I want to make games that feel the way Everdune's songs feel~~
  18. lesbian vampire simulator OST
    by ida
    funky lesbians funky lesbians
    Incredible groove~~~
  19. Sonyaphobia (EP - Part 2)
    by Abergaz
    Documents Documents
    Abergaz rocks about real life
  20. Sonyaphobia (EP - Part 1 - split with The Harness)
    by Abergaz
    Me Having Boobies But Also a Dick Me Having Boobies But Also a Dick