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  1. The Sculptor Of Negative Emotions
    by Eccentric Pendulum
    The Sculptor Of Negative Emotions The Sculptor Of Negative Emotions
    Amazing release! Absolutely loved it
  2. Winding The Optics
    by Eccentric Pendulum
    Mathematicians Of Ambient Waters Mathematicians Of Ambient Waters
    Fantastic modern prog album!
  3. Atonement II B-Sides for Charity
    by Killswitch Engage
    I Feel Alive Again I Feel Alive Again
    Happy to hear this EP!
    Very happy to know that this is for charity!..
    Thank you Killswitch Engage & Metal Blade Records!!..
  4. Destruction or Strength
    by As I Lay Dying
    Awesome!.. Perfect song for the moment!..
    Thank you As I Lay Dying!..
  5. Mahayagna
    by Solar Deity
    Fantastic Black Metal version of verses from Aditya Hriday Strotham!
    This song has such a catchy tune & awesome artwork.
    The sound of horns & bells used in this song is very uplifting.
    Thanks for featuring that scream at 4:39.
    I'm going to play this on a loop!..
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  6. Unspoken
    by Solar Deity
    Very atmospheric black metal. Absolutely soothing the mind. Might help me in meditation as well.
  7. Live at Bloodstock
    by Demonic Resurrection
    Narasimha - The Man-Lion (Live) Narasimha - The Man-Lion (Live)
    One of the most important concerts for a legendary Indian Metal Band!..
  8. Immortal and Vile (Death Metal)
    by PRIMITIV (Mumbai, India)
    World War Zero World War Zero
    Killer Death/Doom Metal!..
  9. Delirious Excursion (Dark Death Metal)
    by DARKRYPT (Mumbai, India)
    Chasm of Death Chasm of Death
    Awesome Death Metal!..
  10. Evolutionary Impasse
    by Plague Throat
    Re-Shaping A Paralysed World Re-Shaping A Paralysed World
    I personally feel that Plague Throat will never reach an impasse in their career..there would be just evolution..
    Great EP!..
  11. The Delirium of Negation (Brutal Death Metal)
    by WIRED ANXIETY (Navi Mumbai, India)
    Heavily Sedated Heavily Sedated
    Excellent EP by Wired Anxiety.. Brutality redefined..!
  12. The Last Reptilian Warrior
    by Demonstealer
    The Weak Shall Perish The Weak Shall Perish
    Blistering Technical Brutal (and/or) Melodic Death Metal..
    Fantastic offering from Demonstealer!..
  13. Dinner Is You
    by Albatross
    In The Court Of Kuru In The Court Of Kuru
    Legendary EP by Albatross..
    Both the tracks are epic..
  14. Cyclic Extinction
    by Demonstealer
    Heaviness & Melody blended together to deliver a beautiful song!..
  15. Covenant of Black (Black Metal)
    by STARK DENIAL (India)
    As Life Descends As Life Descends
    Stark Denial returns..
    Raw Evil Black Metal at its greatest!..
  16. All Hail the King
    by Against Evil
    Stand Up and Fight! Stand Up and Fight!
    It is Against Evil..
    It is supposed to sound GREAT!..
    One of the best Classical Metal albums of this decade..
  17. Wake Up And Soar - EP
    by Noiseware
    23 23
    Perfect blend of Progressive Metal with Djent & Experimental Metal
  18. Clouds At Last
    by Noiseware
    Iridescent Iridescent
    This album gave amazing ambience. Noiseware have grown with musical intellect & maturity in the sound of their music.
    Great progressive music.
    This will be one of the epic progressive albums from India.
  19. Provenance
    by Inner Sanctum
    Human Disregard Human Disregard
    Fantastic EP.. Death+Thrash Metal given apt respect..
    Great lyrical theme && very good artwork..
  20. Legions Awake
    by Inner Sanctum
    Wake of Destruction Wake of Destruction
    Superb album. Fully enjoyed it..