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Tim Gilman

  1. Boston, Massachusetts
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  1. Live at Robot Dog Studio
    by Jessica Rabbit Syndrome
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. purple moonlight pages
    by R.A.P. Ferreira
  3. Goodbye Guitar
    by We Versus The Shark
  4. It Was Okay
    by Omri Loved Celadon
  5. Inside
    by Tearjerker
  6. Cool Myths
    by Secretary Legs
  7. End of Days
    by Crooked Spine
  8. Cosmogony
  9. who hurt you
    by patient sound
  10. Pasta
    by Emily Heller
  11. Stranger to the Pain
    by Pllush
  12. Late Bloomer
    by wetter
  13. The Ghost Ease
    by The Ghost Ease
  14. CON ART 20th anniversary reissue
    by Smart Went Crazy
  15. Dead And Loving It: An Introductory Exploration of Pessimysticism
    by Bad History Month
  16. Cosmic Troubles
    by Faith Healer
  17. Describes Things As They Are
    by Beauty Pill
  18. Hari Kondabolu's New Material Night Volume 1
    by Hari Kondabolu
  19. Oversleepers International
    by Emperor X
  20. The Ghost Ease
    by The Ghost Ease
  21. Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies
    by Kal Marks
  22. Guilty
    by Dirty Dishes
  23. Thank You
    by DOG DAY
    Sleeping On Couches Sleeping On Couches
    This whole EP is great, but I mean, "Sleeping on Couches"? I would pay a hundred dollars just to hear that song.
  24. Mainstream American Comic
    by Hari Kondabolu
  25. Stay Wild
    by Tearjerker
    by Emperor X
  27. Deformer
    by DOG DAY
    Positive Positive
    Ooh, so crunchy. The album sounds lo-fi and gritty but the songs are still as hooky as their older stuff.
  28. Fade Out
    by DOG DAY
    Sandwich Sandwich
    Contains my favorite song about how hard it is to reconcile a love of sandwiches with a passion and respect for animal rights. I admittedly opt for the sandwiches.
  29. Lucky Leaves
    by Krill
    Infinite Power Infinite Power
    I need to take their "If you want to feel like a failure, that's your right" creed more to heart on bad days.
  30. Brother Loyola
    by Jessica Jalbert
    Whatever Whoever Whatever Whoever
    I'm a fan of the new Faith Healer stuff but this album is front-to-back great, with a good mix of rockers and more pensive songs. Some good lyrics too.
  31. Apple Juice & Whiskey
    by Rachel Hoodrich
  32. Record Hop
    by Record Hop
    slugworth slugworth
    I bought this because I read something Steve Albini wrote about how he enjoyed this band and recording this record. I agree that this band and album rock.
  33. Cuddled by Giants
    by CANNONS