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  1. Acetate Parade
    by Foam Giant
  2. Unborn Deformities
    by Crystal Thoughts
  3. Heart Machinery - A Piano Magic Retrospective 2001 - 2008 + Never It Will Be The Same Again
    by Piano Magic
  4. Flag Of Breeze
    by Lay Llamas & JuJu
  5. Dark Hemisphere
    by American Cream Band
  6. Nathan
    by American Cream Band
  7. Head's Still Here
    by School Disco
  8. Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back In 1969?
    by Spiritczualic Enhancement Center
  9. Electric Kiss b/w 3 Minutes
    by Black Satori
  10. HNRLP025: Musique Pour L'Esprit En Expansion
    by Græns
    This album has much to offer for curious open ears, the three experienced musicians are beside others Hills, Goat and Union Carbide Productions related as I did read.
  11. HNRLP024: Unemployment Line Disco
    by Modern Ruin
  12. Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose
    by yoo doo right
  13. Na Zala Zala
    by Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble
  14. The Sundowner
    by STAHV
    Really like the longplayer much (still available!), did miss this one, when it came out last year. Check this grower out!
  15. WF 25 - Sacred Ritual To Unlock The Mountain Portal
    by The Hologram People
  16. Assume The Position EP
    by Strip Search Tramp
  17. Kelkkailua
    by Spurious Transients
  18. Oblong
    by Obey Cobra
  19. JJULIUS - VOL. 1
    by JJULIUS
  20. Moms New Hobby - "Radio Nocturne"
    by Forbidden Place Records