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  1. Caveman Brain Jam
    by Bone Graft
    If you like catchy garage, then you should listen to this... for me one of the best garage rock records of the last years!
  2. Absolution
    by Salisman & His Blessed Eunuchs
    Perhaps not the best band name under marketing aspects, but this is something pretty nice and unique, I recommend to listen now, before the last cassettes are gone!
  3. Dark Weave
    by Mark McDowell
    For me his best, also nearly gone, so try now or perhaps never!
  4. The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees
    by Moon Goose
  5. Fiesta Pack
    by Healing Gems
    The music fits perfect to the cover pic (or better the other way round?) and the pic on their own bc profile, this is really great music and makes me smile more than anyway! ;)
  6. Petroleum Spirit Daze
    by Swervedriver
    It's really 30 years ago.... I was 30 then, great to have the unreleased original version now on vinyl! For me one of the best indie rock bands ever!
  7. ED HALL - Permission to Rock... Denied!
    by Forbidden Place Records
  8. Safety Net
    by Jane in Palma
    Pretty unique style, mixes modern tunes with great 80s underground sounds, I love it, in every case worth listening if you like electronics or 80s underground...
  9. The Celestial Sounds of The Space Agency
    by The Space Agency
  10. Los Acidos - Los Acidos (reissue LP 2020)
    by Los Acidos
  11. Lastryko - Limbo [NR-LP/013]
    by Lastryko
  12. White Canyon & The 5th Dimension - S/T [NR-LP/011]
    by White Canyon & The 5th Dimension
  13. Cumbia Siglo XXI
    by Meridian Brothers
  14. Vodou Alé
    by Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers
  15. Azerbaijani Gitara
    by Rüstəm Quliyev
    Search for the artist at bc, you can already now listen to nearly all tracks of the album... ;)
  16. The Internal Inferno Of The Nocturnal Mock Turtle
    by Spurious Transients
  17. Portraits Of A Landscape
    by Spurious Transients
  18. Super Giant & World Music Oddities
    by The Uplifting Bell Ends
  19. out of the vortex
    by mouth
    My personal favorite of the band is the album "floating", but this is also GREAT and this was my first download ever... (as oldschool only physical collector).... would be really worth the vinyl! ;)
  20. Mystery 秘神
    by Mong Tong 夢東
    Great to see them on vinyl, for me their best work until now, did already listen several times, peaceful... and first edition nearly gone?