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I am Black Hill

  1. Győr, Hungary
  2. Metal
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  1. Path
    by vvilderness
  2. Phlegethon
    by Chainsaw For Birthday
  3. Maze in the dark forest
    by Black Hill
    Ode to a dying storm Ode to a dying storm
  4. On the land of myth
    by The betrayed kingdom
    The last epigram The last epigram
  5. Skeleton War
    by Ephilexia
    Skeleton Seal Skeleton Seal
    This one is really the highlight of Gábor' high-scale discography. The bass-driven rhythm section and the distinctive guitar style make his music unique, thought-provoking and timeless. Thank you!
  6. Living With Ghosts
    by Chainsaw For Birthday
  7. The Swarm
    by Skognatt
  8. hell is empty
    by Chainsaw For Birthday
  9. Nemere
    by vvilderness
  10. Towards Unshackled Skies
    by Unsung Trails
  11. Into The Mountains
    by Dan Caine
  12. Gored To Heaven
    by Chainsaw For Birthday
  13. Flimmern
    by walden
  14. As Above, So Below
    by vvilderness
  15. Woven of Serpent's Spines
    by The Wolf Garden
  16. É(v)szak
    by Braxius
  17. This Rare Cow Killed Someone
    by Ephilexia
  18. Autumnal (unreleased demos)
    by Release The Long Ships
    Someone Walks On The Top Of The Trees Someone Walks On The Top Of The Trees
  19. Also Known As Life
    by Dan Caine
    Balboa Balboa
  20. Rain Eternal
    by Skognatt