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  1. Ascendancy
    by KADINJA
    'Til The Ground Disappears 'Til The Ground Disappears
  2. Perspectives
    by Seasons In Wreckage
    Every Step of The Way Every Step of The Way
    I really loved this EP since I first listened to it. Totally amazing.
  3. Ulises
    by Viva Belgrado
    Apaga la llum Apaga la llum
    Demasiado identificado con la música de estos tipos. Adoro el sonido que tienen y el sentimiento inmenso que transmiten con cada canción.
  4. We Don't Mean That Much - EP
    by Urso Polar
    Oh My God I'm So Happy Right Now Oh My God I'm So Happy Right Now
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  5. Aspire (feat. Brandon Whalen)
    by Iona Grove
    Finally got it! I was really looking forward to the Bandcamp release. This sounds really amazing guys! (because it was mixed by Taylor Larson, duh!) Totally recomended!!
  6. Brought Here To Suffer
    I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG. It gives me so many different feelings. It's awesome.
  7. W H A T E V E R ☯ W H E N E V E R [TTNG FLIP] リミックス (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    Amazing!! Really really talented.
  8. Yuno (Seperate Same Form)
    by Wither Away
  9. Buried
    by Movements
  10. Scripted
    by Movements
  11. Sentiment
    by Wither Away
    I saw them on youtube and that was it. Here I am now :)
  12. Protection
    by Movements
  13. Fade
    by Casey
  14. Hell
    by Casey
  15. Disappointment Island
    by TTNG
  16. Demo 2012
    by Viva Belgrado
  17. Japanese Bonus Tracks
    by Viva Belgrado
  18. Flores, Carne
    by Viva Belgrado
    Osario Osario
    I can't express how much joy I felt when I found these guys. Fuck, every song gives me chills.
  19. El Invierno
    by Viva Belgrado
  20. Last Recordings
    by Mister Loveless
  21. Grow Up
    by Mister Loveless
    Undesirables Undesirables
    I've loved this band since I found them like 3 years ago. Their music means a lot to me. I miss them
  22. Jane
    by Surroundings
  23. Elizabeth
    by Surroundings
  24. Dominique (2013 Demo Version)
    by KADINJA
    Amazing! Loved that intro
  25. Episteme (2013 Demo Version)
    by KADINJA
    So fucking awesome! Loved the vocals in this one. Can't wait for the new album
  26. Antares
    by Novelists FR
  27. Twenty Years
    by Novelists FR
  28. Souvenirs
    by Novelists FR
  29. Immedicable
    by Novelists FR
    Loved the clean vocals at the end.
  30. Delusion
    by Novelists FR
  31. Heartfelt
    by Novelists FR
    The transition between the verses and the chorus is amazing. Also the rap part at the middle ♥
    Really good song
  32. Henry Call Mash Yes
    by KADINJA
    Absolutely amazing!
  33. Breathe
    by Iona Grove
    Firestarter Firestarter
    I loved this since the moment I heard it for the first time. Firestarter was just awesome ♥
  34. The Unseen
    by The Afterimage
    One of my favorite bands nowadays. I love their work so much ♥
  35. Kadinja - EP
    by KADINJA
    Shades Shades
    I just love the production these guys have. They sound absolutely amazing!
  36. O N Y X
    by The Afterimage
    This one is my favorite track from them. It is SO amazing.
    I just love it!
  37. GLHF (2013 Demo Version)
    by KADINJA
    Totally awesome, as always. Love Kadinja ♥

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  1. Jane
    by Surroundings