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  1. Spit of the Apostate
    by slidhr
  2. Hvísl Stjarnanna
    by Sinmara
  3. Apocalypticists
    by Kriegsmaschine
  4. Enemy of man
    by Kriegsmaschine
  5. Aphotic Womb
    by Sinmara
  6. Extraction
    by Insurrection
  7. Litourgiya
    by Batushka
  8. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
    by Inferno Requiem
  10. Solens Vemod
    by Nasheim
  11. Jord och aska
    by Nasheim
  12. Origin Enigma
    by Valtari
  13. Semen Serpentis
    by Grafvitnir
  14. Antologi MMXV
    by Murdryck
  15. Tyrant Blood
    by Ancient Flame
  16. Kraft(Werk)
    by Streams of Blood
  17. Acathexis
    by Acathexis
  18. Anthologie Der Abkehr
    by Wallfahrer
  19. By the Blessing of Satan
    by Behexen
  20. Decameron
    by Throne of Heresy
  21. The Stench of Deceit
    by Throne of Heresy
  22. Realms of Desecration
    by Throne of Heresy
  23. Antioch
    by Throne of Heresy
  24. Wrath of the Revenant
    by Throne of Heresy
  25. Graveyard Flesh Orgy
    by Vomitheist
  26. Sickening
    by Gravestone
  27. Flesh For Funerals Eternal (Death Metal)
    by FERAL (Sweden)
  28. Rituals (Death Metal)
    by CRAWL (Sweden)
  29. Empyrean Atrophy
    by Cast The Stone
  30. Sumerian Cry
    by Tiamat
  31. Between life and death
    by Humanity's End
  32. The Truth Beneath
  33. The Blinding Light Of Faith (Death Metal)
  34. Primordial Offerings
    by Kever
  35. Colder Thoughts
    by Hood Brawl
  36. Sleep of Morbid Dreams (2009)
    by Funebrarum
  37. Deus Vult
    by Wolves Den
  38. Desire
    by Hood Brawl
  39. A Trail Of Death
    by Overtorture
  40. Desecrating Obscurity
    by FUNEST
  41. Eon of Cycling Death
    by Kever