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  1. Human = Garbage
    by Dystopia
    Stress Builds Character Stress Builds Character
  2. The Inalienable Dreamless
    by Discordance Axis
    Castration Rite Castration Rite
  3. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    From The Dust Of This Planet From The Dust Of This Planet
  4. w^w^^w^w
    by Car Bomb
    Finish It Finish It
  5. Here Be Dragons
    by CB Murdoc
    Brood and Roaring Fires Brood and Roaring Fires
    This album is MENTAL, the first track is very misleading... but if you stick around it takes you DEEP into the rabbit hole. Multiple listens will be required because its hard to digest something this immense the first few listens.

    I consider myself a musical elitist/snob if you will, and this album sure as hell kicked my ass; haven't heard something this deviant but natural since Mr Bungle and Meshuggah.

    I can't wait to see what these guys do with this sound.