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  1. J Majik - Your Sound - Photek & Digital V.I.P
    by J Majik / Photek / Digital
  2. Hard Noize (Break Remix) / Tubes
    by Dillinja/ Break
  3. Secret Liaison / Complexities
    by Source Direct
  4. SDR004 Source Direct- The Crane / Artificial Barriers
    by Source Direct
  5. Wardown
    by Wardown
  6. All I Remember
    by Damian's Ghost
  7. Can't Do It
    by LMajor
  8. Inner Dimension
    by SSA
  9. Eidolon EP
    by Ephyum & Invadhertz
  10. META024X - Skylab / Density / The Raven (2017 Remasters)
    by Ed Rush
  11. METH075 - Be True / Satellite Type 2
    by Commix
  12. Metalwork
    by Mikal
  13. The Rain (Photek Remix) (2020 Remaster)
    by Photek
  14. Conularii [HNL010]
    by Daniel[i]
  15. Substrata
    by Biosphere
  16. Club de Jazz
    by Soufflé Caramel
  17. Lemodie (15th Anniversary Edition)
    by Ochre
  18. Tales Of The Inexpressible (Remastered)
    by Shpongle
    Dorset Perception (Remastered) Dorset Perception (Remastered)
    It's almost inexpressible how good this album is, moving through 7 genres in the same track seamlessly at times, sprinkling in some McKenna, and simply never ever getting boring.
  19. Belter (Joy O Belly Mix)
    by Off The Meds
    This is right up my alley, smokey and blurred drumworks with a voice that goes from interesting to evil and morphing between states, and a late drum explosion.
    Perfect intermission track :)
  20. I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits
    by Moodymann
    An undeniable classic, heard it a zillion times on akufen's 2006 kindergarten mix which turned into my essential soundtrack for those days. Just give me pepe bradock's deep burnt on digital already.