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    by Wucan
    Ebb And Flute Ebb And Flute
    Yes, mr. gasoline man, the other night in Bologna there were about 40 of us, just like the audience of this stirring live record, yet the band gave it all like they were playing for multitudes, totally ready for a gripping, tight, head-banging, body-moving show. And yes, mr. gasoline man met along the 3-hour night-drive back home after being too shy to ask to have my vinyl signed, yes, that's the reason behind that big, elated smile stamped on my face.
  2. Heretic Tongues
    by Wucan
    Far And Beyond Far And Beyond
    Incorporating a myriad of influences - from early 70s Frumpy to late 70s Kiss - Wucan keep on refining their wholly original heavy rock by transcending these core influences and applying an unmistakably modern sensibility to the music, especially in the songwriting department. Monstrously exciting instrumentals + fabulous, commanding female vocals + tons of energy and variety. In a scene populated by a zillion retro-rock bands, they emerge with full force as true masters.
  3. Reap The Storm
    by Wucan
    Aging Ten Years In Two Seconds Aging Ten Years In Two Seconds
    Here they really come into their own, taking their brand of 70s-inspired heavy rock to new heights by increasingly relying on a songwriting that defies traditional song structures, exploring a huge variety of new paths while still sounding catchy, groovy, emotional and addictive. The two 20-minute heavy-psych behemoths that close the album are unbelievably adventurous sonic trips where Francis Tobolsky's histrionic vocals blend perfectly with exhilarating instrumentals for one hell of a ride.
  4. Sow The Wind
    by Wucan
    Face In The Kraut Face In The Kraut
    I'm not the biggest fan of perfectly retro-sounding bands, but to my ears this is not the case with Wucan. It's somewhat hard to explain. Instead of sounding like a 21st century band possessed by some 70s heavy-rock band, Wucan sound like a 70s heavy-rock band whose brain has been possessed by a 21st century band. To me it makes sense, and it sounds damn cool.
  5. Vikarma
    by Wucan
    Wizard Of Concrete Jungle Wizard Of Concrete Jungle
    Big mistake. I was at their (spectacular) gig the other day, saw this album (which I had never listened to) on vinyl but didn't buy it as it was their debut and wasn't sure about it. Now I'm listening to it and - oh my - this IS good. So good. Stoner-touched, bluesy heavy rock of the 70s kind at its finest, with supertight instrumentals, great female vocals and a whole kaleidoscope of moods and vibes. And a huge plus for managing to incorporate flute without sounding like a Jethro Tull clone.
  6. Anadolu Ejderi
    by Gaye Su Akyol
    Anadolu Ejderi Anadolu Ejderi
    Gaye Su Akyol keeps on adding new elements to the psych-folk core of her first works. After the space-rock treatment of her previous album, now she gives the resulting space-psych-folk tangle a synth-pop colouring, balancing grooviness and austerity, Turkish tradition and modern sounds, depth and lightness in a truly astounding way.
  7. İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir
    by Gaye Su Akyol
    İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir
    Turkish folk propelled into deep space. Gaye Su Akyol takes the psych-folk, East-West music skein of her previous album and casts it among the stars while not losing an ounce of the warmth that has always infused her music. Visionary, splendid stuff.
  8. Hologram İmparatorluğu
    by Gaye Su Akyol
    Berduş Berduş
    Turkish singing, rhythms and scales drenched in a relentless bath of psychedelia. The synergy between traditional and modern rock instruments generates layers upon layers of hypnotic grooves, surfed by Gaye Su Akyol's deep and entrancing voice. Just close your eyes and let your head spin.
  9. Water, It Feels Like It's Growing
    by Atsuko Chiba
    Water, It Feels Like It's Growing Water, It Feels Like It's Growing
    Atsuko Chiba keep refining their unmistakable brand of prog rock that stems from Mars-voltesque soil and grows to fully original heights, sprawling freely across moods and genres. Here, the angularities that abounded in their previous works are in part replaced by an exploration of emotionally charged, enveloping, dense soundscapes, embodied in songs that flow thick, slow and unhurried, like jam on wood. And the taste is delicious.
  10. Ex Voto
    by Djunah
    Brother Brother
    At the crossroads between PJ Harvey and Diamanda Galas, under a poem of rain, sprouts music that pierces your guts and your brain, desperately trying to wash your sufferings away with a flood of rage and vulnerability.
  11. Femina Furens
    by Djunah
    Phaethon Phaethon
    Lusty parables of disgust. Gloomy legends of vengeance. Noisy chants of suffering. Crawling hymns of uneasiness. Cosmic poetry of rage. Aching tales of incompleteness. Lush cries of laceration. Crumbling shouts of attachment. Piercing laments of submission. Wrathful dirges of affirmation.
  12. EP
    by Naja Naja
    Dong Dong Dong Dong
    A collection of deliciously fun, post-punkish, psych-rockish, indie/electronic-ish songs that manage to sound both catchy and askew, floating in a pond agitated by motorik streams upon which a paper boat slowly sails, suspended in a state of joyful melancholy.
  13. King
    by Gnome
    Ambrosius Ambrosius
    These guys pull one inventive riff after another out of their pointy hats like it were an easy feat. But there's more to it: Off-the-scale tightness, saucy time changes, grooviness like there’s no tomorrow and much, much fun. Gnomes might be small, but they're capable of masterworks.
  14. Tear It All [LP]
    by The Hanged Man
    Funeral Pyre Funeral Pyre
    Groovy, enthralling, moody psychedelic rock that takes you places, tearing veils that hinder your vision, uncovering altars where oblations are made, opening rifts that lead among comets, only to finally take you (or your disembodied spirit) inside a little room where a girl and three guys play their instruments, close their eyes, and smell each other's skin.
  15. As The Tower Fell
    by The Hanged Man
    Good Dreams Good Dreams
    Psych pop/rock that is as wistful as it is warm. Music and words that incorporate desperation and transform it into empathy and acceptance. Into the will to embrace change and explore its many - often scary - ways. A glowing black hole.
  16. Of Blood Is Full
    by The Hanged Man
    The Crack The Crack
    Serpentine, hypnotic pop floating in a labyrinthine aurora, flickering between algid gloom and the pale lights of a distant, long-sought dawn.
  17. Flores - Colores
    by Sanfeliu
    Sound and Vision Sound and Vision
    A one-of-a-kind mix between chamber pop and electronic krautrock, constantly oscillating between absurdist serenity and esoteric longing, with vocals that sound at once super-warm and super-detached, and lyrics that merge the witty and the naive, conveying a sort of airy deepness. I can't really describe this music, but somewhere, here, lays genius.
  18. To Absent Friends
    by Sanfeliu
    Lonely Village Lonely Village
    Like Julian Cope and Morrisey catapulted into an electronic washing machine filled with three-sleeve shirts, one-leg trousers, two-neck cardigans, plus a pageless poetry book. And the slowly revolving spin cycle is so soothing...
  19. Second Death
    by Mansion
    Aye! Mother Alma and her merciless cultists of gloomy psychedelic righteousness have returned with their fervent, ominous liturgies, inflamed by the unforgiving retribution of doom.
  20. The Endless
    Worlds Break Worlds Break
    Here's a band with their own unminstakable style, evolving with each album while still sounding unique. For me, this is Dreadnought at their absolute best, on par with "Bridging Realms". The songs are focused and streamlined, which makes the stunning mix of doom/black/post metal, prog, folk and jazz sound astoningshly natural. How masterfully they paint gloomy soundscapes of gentle ferocity while twin female vocals restlessly enlace aerial delicacy with earthy grit! Sublime stuff.