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  1. riverdragons & elephant dreams
    by Earth Flight
    Harbinger Harbinger
    Oh man! A totally immersive progressive/heavy rock record with flashes of Crack the Skye-era Mastodon, bluesy solos, post-rock climaxes, floydian interludes and much, much more. This is some seriously jaw dropping music that conveys a powerful, sensitive, introspective experience. Very impressive and incredibly beautiful.
  2. Supplicium
    by Vuoti a Rendere
    Cloroformio Cloroformio
    Mostly instrumental prog rock where Crimsonian echoes are blended with acid flavours, fragmented songwriting, restless melodies, late night creativity and a nervous yet alluring attitude.
  3. Ruggine
    by Vuoti a Rendere
    Ruvida Ruggine Ruvida Ruggine
    Italian prog rock that doesn't follow the traditional path of Italian prog. The use of sax and the slightly jazzy bits add a certain Canterbury flavour, but Vuoti a Rendere really go their own, original way both music-wise and lyrics-wise. A lot of talent is at work here.
  4. Baciati dall'Inganno
    by Vuoti a Rendere
    Ascesi Ascesi
    The heritage of the renowned Italian prog scene can be too heavy a burden if you're an Italian band and you want to say something different when it comes to prog rock, but Vuoti a Rendere manage to do it. The result is a quirky, intelligent and engaging album that sounds fresh not only by Italian prog standards, but on a much larger scale.
  5. Mount Hush
    by Mount Hush
    Black Moon Black Moon
    Absolute top-shelf stuff here. A gorgeous feast of stonerized laid-back heaviness, flowing like a thick and lush unguent for the ear and the mind.
  6. Lady of Turquoise
    by Cary Grace
    Sacrifice Sacrifice
    Now this is some trippy, mind bending, groove-heavy beauty here. Commanded by warm female vocals and sprawling, rambling guitar, this grandiose psychedelic ritual conjures the mysteries of Egyptian mythology, casting a heady, mesmerizing spell upon those who listen.
  7. Tygerland
    by Cary Grace
    War Child War Child
    This record is suspended in time. It's very modern, but it's also very analogue in a 70s way. It's otherwordly, but also full of energy. Sometimes it's challenging, while at other times it's ripe with melodies. It's earthy, yet abstract. It has wonderful female vocals. It's played in a fantastic way. This record is a great record.
  8. Melvin's Holiday
    by Lewis and the Strange Magics
    Melvin Melvin
    Groovalicious prog rock concept album with an infectious late 70s funky/rock/pop/psych vibe running through. Fresh, charming, colourful, sexy and with a great drive.
  9. Echoes b/w Flux
    by Black Mountain
    Echoes Echoes

    Lineup after lineup
    The years go passing by
    Yet they keep stepping up
    With their oven open wide
    At the sound of the clock
    For yet another mouthful
    Of wonderful
    Retrofuturistic rock

  10. What Happened to You in All the Confusion?
    by Слово Мира / Slovo Mira
    Jokebox Jokebox
    Mostly instrumental concoction of rock, avant-garde, electronic, jazz and much more. Four tracks. Two of them are long free-form improvisations with a huge hypnotic power. And for those who - like me - love their jams more structured, the remaining two tracks are fabulous journeys where a crazed balalaika encourages the other instruments to let loose, only to tame them a while later. Wonderful.
    by Giant Squid
    Superbly original blend of sludge, doom and prog which sounds crushing and vulnerable at the same time. The cello adds a very peculiar vibe to the music, and so do the keys and the dual male/female vocals, but there's much, much more going on in this bold, melodic, majestic, experimental and utterly compelling work. The exceptional swan song of an exceptional band.
    by Giant Squid
    An immersive, emotionally driven flow of atypical heaviness that sounds both harsh and beautiful.
    by Giant Squid
    A unique sound that walks a vertiginous tightrope between Built to Spill and Kylesa. Trumpet, cello, keys, violin, flute, and interweaving male/female vocals perfectly blend with the massive barrage of guitar/bass/drums that occasionally gives way to mellower, atmospheric, and delicate passages. A tense, intelligent, experimental - but never noodly - concept album that never ceases to surprise.
    by Giant Squid
    Differently from their future guitar-driven albums, in this early EP keyboards have a much more prominent role. The female vocals are also given more room to shine, while the mood is mellower and infused with a haunting yet suffering beauty. It's great to see how many strings this incredibly talented band had to their bow. Amazing!
  15. Stories
    by Die Like Gentlemen
    Come Closer Come Closer
    When I first heard that such an original sludge band had released an acoustic album, I knew I was in for a sweet treat. And so it was. Yes, because not only the acoustic dimension highlights the stellar band alchemy, the charismatic vocals and the profound lyrics, but it also brings to the fore the prog elements that have always been lurking in their songwriting - I can even hear some Tullish passages here and there, and that just makes the treat sweeter.
  16. 'Cobalt Chapel' by Cobalt Chapel
    by Regal Worm
    We Come Willingly We Come Willingly
    Dreamy, deep, luscious and quirky: what an atmospheric joyride! Acid Canterbury-imbued psychedelic rock with warm, languid, evocative and bewitching female vocals. The mastermind behind Regal Worm meets an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and the merge is a creature of ethereal - and yet very earthly - magic.
  17. Boy Kiss
    by Straight Sex
    Bones Bones
    The dark side of their previous EP. Whereas "Girl Kiss" was a sunny, female-fronted indie-rock delicatessen, this is slightly moodier and duskier but equally charming. The first song is absolutely killer and the rest does not disappoint either.
  18. EP.1
    by Garnotte
    Scutigères (partie IV) Scutigères (partie IV)
    Wow! These guys pick up the legacy of early to mid-70s heavy-prog bands such as their fellow countrymen Morse Code, or Pell Mell, or Czar, with their great interplay between guitar bursts and a massive keys/organ sound exuding melancholy. But then they add their own touch by injecting a whole new range of dynamics and some surprising cross-genre excursions (like the funkish vibes in Scutigères II). So good to see how an "ancient" and often uncelebrated sound can still sprout such fresh buds.
  19. Girl Kiss
    by Straight Sex
    Song for Vanwyngarden Song for Vanwyngarden
    Female-fronted, psych-tinged indie rock with a sunny vibe, a touch of sweet nostalgia and quite a few cool twists. Delightful.
  20. Ummon
    by Slift
    Ummon Ummon
    I didn't fully get it at first. Then I watched their phenomenal KEXP gig, I came back here to give them another listen and... something most definitely clicked. This is some heavy, raw, visceral, turbulent, epic guitar-driven kraut/space/psychedelic rock that grips you and won't let you go until it's over.