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  1. Outward OST
    by Jean-Francois Racine
    Ruined Dungeon Ruined Dungeon
    This in such an expressive soundtrack full of exacting tone and statement. From the homeliness and sense of comfort of Cierzo, the mystique of Monsoon, to the exploratory musics, their night and fight counterparts. The Chersonese score is an amazing expression of adventure. Every one a unique identity.
    Why Ruined Dungeon as my favourite? The initial trepidation, slowly building intensity until the percussion thunders in. "Fight or flight?", it asks you, without biasing your answer. Exceptional!
  2. Speed
    by Turboslash
    GodMode Domination GodMode Domination
  3. 199XAD
    by Mega Drive
    This is signature MegaDrive stuff here. I'm absoultely hooked on NARCS, the evolution of the 198XAD track NARC.
    Where NARC was the undercover cop theme, NARCS is the big shootout raid and chase afterward. The brilliance is the deliberate reuse of the original song samples and how it's turned into such incredible energy and pace. Great work!
  4. Vice Point Illumination
    by Turboslash
  5. Chases 2
    Last Run Last Run
    Outstanding synthwork here with strong energy and theme. Having said that, I found myself especially enjoying the slower pace of Last Run, and the thoughts and feelings it draws up. When you start to listen to this, your mind will start to paint the picture of a nighttime neon metropolis; rain pouring down as the retrofuture goes about it's business. Glorious.
  6. Chases EP
    Cruis'n Cruis'n
    Thematic EP with the incredibly catchy Cruis'n taking my favourite track. While quite a simple melody, the different layers of synth come together in synchronicities that just leave you bopping your head and putting it on repeat.
  7. Jupiter
    by FM-84
  8. Arcade Summer
    by FM-84
    This is just such a beautiful example of what Synthwave of the 80s could be, reminding those of us who were there of the best things about that decade and it's simpler times. What a wonderful piece from FM-84!
  9. Everything
    by FM-84
  10. The Grid
    by Mega Drive
    Integral Crisis Integral Crisis
    Are you suffering from an Integral Crisis in your life? Well worry no further, as Mega Drive has you covered. Turn it up, roll up your sleeves and hit that crisis square in the jaw.
    Set it up for the finisher from 3:23 onwards.
    You handled that sh*t like a champ - no more crisis for you.
    by Mega Drive
  12. Electric Getaway
    by Mega Drive
  13. Maniac
    by Mega Drive
  14. Seas Of Infinity
    by Mega Drive
    Off/World Off/World
    Perhaps a more experimental track from Mega Drive, Off/World became a favourite of mine. It's unexpected journey though a void of space in a fakebit meets chillstep manner - I absoultely adore the last minute of synth and ambient 'vocal' work that just makes me wish it lasted that little bit longer before the fadeout!
    It's almost like someone threw this down as a theme challenge, and Mega Drive hit it out of the park. A great job out of the comfort zone is a great job indeed!
  15. Planetbase
    by Alexander Falinski
    To Stay Here To Stay Here
    I honestly wouldn't have played nearly as much of Planetbase if it didn't have this soundtrack. It hits the nail on the head perfectly for a pioneer space colony sim.
    It now sits in my playlist for work ambience. A lovely space/sci-fi album :)
  16. Fakebit Til U Makebit
    by _ensnare_
  17. Frozen Synapse 2 - Original Soundtrack
    by nervous_testpilot
    Complicity Complicity
    by Carpenter Brut
    Sunday Lunch Sunday Lunch
  19. Wice
    by Wice
    Nebula Nebula
  20. Infinity
    by W O L F C L U B
    Sway Sway