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  1. Hari Kondabolu's New Material Night Volume 1
    by Hari Kondabolu
    Weed, Tumblr & World War II Weed, Tumblr & World War II
  2. Make Mountain
    by Hemway
    Keeping Even Keeping Even
    This is one of those bands where I love the sound, the lyricism, the mood...but somehow still can't quite place what's so fresh and exciting about the music. Along with Anna Rae's earlier stuff (which I only just discovered), I'm really inspired and excited by Hemway. Lucky for me I'm local so I get to see them live...
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  3. Road-Dog's Teeth
    by Johnny Azari
    Bitter Bitter
  4. The Tropic of Entropy
    by Johnny Azari
    The Gates of Heaven and Hell The Gates of Heaven and Hell
  5. God Damn Blues (The Newest Testament)
    by Johnny Azari
    God Damn Blues (radio edit) God Damn Blues (radio edit)
  6. Shangri-La
    by Coyote Talk
    Angeleno Angeleno
    First of all I can't get Angelino out of my head...but there's so much that I love about this album (and I really LOVE it. So much.) Every song is lyrically compelling, the production is so perfect, like a more modern Eagles meets Dylanesque song arrangements. They had me from the opening sounds of (what even is it? Bubble gum soul?) Couldn't recommend this album enough.
  7. Baker Thomas Band
    by Baker Thomas Band
    Hey Hey Baby Hey Hey Baby
  8. LOVE LOVE debut album
    by LOVE LOVE
    Murderpedia Murderpedia
  9. Let The Right Ones In
    by Moe Pope & Rain
    Gotham feat. Julia Easterlin Gotham feat. Julia Easterlin
  10. Mainstream American Comic
    by Hari Kondabolu
    My Mom (Accent Not Included) My Mom (Accent Not Included)
    So fantastic. This guy remains one of the best comics out there. Every bit as good as his awesome debut. Thanks you Hari, for the laughs and inspiration.
  11. The Nato Green Party
    by Nato Green
    The Nicest Jew-Haters I Ever Met The Nicest Jew-Haters I Ever Met
  12. Bedouin Cowboy
    by Muhammad Seven
    Swampers At Fame Swampers At Fame
  13. Waiting for 2042
    by Hari Kondabolu
    2042 & the White Minority 2042 & the White Minority
    Such a good standup hour. Probably the best political comedy of the last...well, maybe my favorite ever. As good as the best stand up hours out there: Louis, Sarah Silverman's "we are miracles", Amy Schumer's "cutting", Hannibal's stuff...Can't wait for new stuff from Hari.