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  1. A Single Point of Light
    by Ben Shemie
  2. Ghost Tropic
    by Brecht Ameel
  3. Roche
    by Mayerling
  4. Death And Spring
    by Papivores
  5. How Deep Is Our Love?
    by Mondkopf
  6. Fire in the White Stone
    by Wolcensmen
  7. Vænir
    by Monolord
  8. Robot Brujo
    by Razen
  9. Music For Staying Warm
    by Justin Wright
    Drone II: Flutter Drone II: Flutter
    Justin Wright's cello compositions mine a rich vein of musical possibility that occupies the middle ground between classicism and experimentalism.

    Loops and digitally altered elements are deployed in subtly compelling ways, juxtaposed again a more traditionally aligned embracement of melodic appeal. These pieces are indeed warm; wistful without ever becoming melancholic, questioning yet hopeful.

    A superb release from an inventive and highly talented artist.

  10. Peter Broderick Plays Justin Wright
    by Justin Wright
    Drone III (Extended Mix) Drone III (Extended Mix)
    Broderick's arrangements of Wright highlight the profoundly moving melodic qualities that form the core of each piece.

    The simplicity of the rendering is striking, not only highlighting the melody lines, but also the carefully rendered aural details that cushion both melody and performance.

    The extended version of Drone III is just magical, such is its effortlessly timeless quality. Despite clearly being a drone, it is still rich in harmonic variation.

    A wonderful EP.
  11. Golden Repair (LP | 2020)
    by #1 Dads
    Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter
    Tom Iansek has an incredible facility for melody and a deeply compelling commitment to creating music of remarkable delicacy and beauty.

    The centrepiece its Iansek's featherlight voice, deftly framed with predominantly accoustic instrumentation. The 'cheap casio' drum tracks add bedsit warmth.

    Damien Rice and Augie March are evoked, but this is stands alone as a complete and unique work, simply because the tunes are better.

    A stuff-of-life album. Drink it in.
  12. Motion
    by Squaring Circles
    Threshold Threshold
    This is a terrific album that draws on a range of styles and sonic elements to create a distinctly gripping work.

    Despite the range of elements, it works as seamless suite, moving through ambience, motorik beats, EDM flourishes and the skittering electro-jazz of band like Tangents.

    For such a processed and produced album, it has incredible warmth. It sits snugly in the ear, asking questions without the clutter of answers.

    Motion is an apt title for this fluid, dynamic and restless release.
  13. Dive Left
    by Boxwork
    Honest Loose Honest Loose
    This is a terrific album that is eminently playable, but still possessed of enough aural twists and flourishes to reward close or repeated listening.

    At time this is reminiscent of The Propellerheads, but then evolves into something darker and close to Tricky's dank musings. At times it even feels like hip hop, or at the very least, intently aware of it.

    The beats are hard and true, but they fade in an out to allow more ambient texture to dominate at times.

    Play. Repeat!
  14. boy man machine
    by Drose
    numerical control numerical control
    This as uncompromising an album as you are likely to hear.

    Drose exist on the outer fringes of experimental art-metal, creating songs swathed in hyper-drama , confronting the listener with chaotic bursts that shatter unstable silences.

    The vocals are haunting, terrifying and vulnerable. The closest touchstone is probably Scott Walker's Tilt. Though the sound is quite different, they share a sense of dread and doubt.

    There's nothing else quite like this. And to me, that makes it brilliant.
  15. Paradigm
    by MYTHS
    Silent Warning Silent Warning
    MYTHS are exciting prospect, judging by this release.

    Like so many Perth bands these days, there is an overtly psychedelic feel, but unlike others, MYTHS add some compelling new wave elements and richly melodic elements that suggest a great love for bands like The Beatles and either giants from that Golden Age.

    Synthesisers abound, as do vocal harmonies. The tempos are upbeat; this is joyful, summery album.

    Terrific, hook-laden debut. Get it on vinyl while you can.
  16. A Hopeless Place
    by Tears|Ov
    I Stand On The Cable I Stand On The Cable
    Never encountered an album that sounds quite like this. This is a powerful, incredibly-produced, unsettling trip.

    Strange blends of genre and aural snapshots. Minimalist but super-intense. Sounding like a chamber-music version of DJ Shadow one minute and a David Lynch film the next.

    Tears|Ov have pushed experimental music into a surreal space I've not previously encountered, despite using an array of largely recognisable elements.

    For such a strange album, I find it compulsive listening.
  17. Petyr
    by Petyr
    Stairway to Attic Stairway to Attic
    These guys back more riffs into a song than most bands pack into a career. This is stoner rock at its very best, rocking like a beast, swinging a monkey from tree to tree.

    With the grinding power-groove of Sleep, mixed with the heavy swagger of early Sabbath, these prog/psych metal workouts are an aural delight for those who like a music with meat on its dinosaur bones.

    Looks and sounds terrific on vinyl. Inhaling recommended.
  18. Informative Noise
    by People Taking Pictures
    Propagate Propagate
    Make no mistake, this is going to be one of my albums of the year.

    Luke Parish (of the Porn Crumpets) pulls strands from his main band and weaves them into a tapestry of shoegaze, hip-hop and Beck-style, sample-laden indi wonkiness.

    It's a heady brew, superbly produced, with stereo pans and woozy layers of audio murk making the whole thing sound like an underwater beach party.

    Lots of wonderful flourishes throughout, with Ben Caddy's violin a particular highlight.

    I can't stop playing it!
  19. Enter Silence
    by BREMEN
    Valley of Ashes Valley of Ashes
    No one sounds quite like Bremen, and no two Bremen albums sound alike, either.

    This one’s a little more Floydian than other Bremen releases; marked as such by the wonderful use of organ throughout. (I’m sure the late, great Rick Wright would approve.) It is more rhythmic, whilst still very much being a free-flowing again more planned than scripted.

    It’s also not as dark or moody; instead, a sense of wistfulness sits alongside a sense of playful adventure.

    Bremen having fun? I think s
  20. Sunset Nebula
    by Sunset Nebula
    Oceans Oceans
    If you can imagine a band that’s part The Shadows, part Cream, part Pink Floyd and part Sigur Ros, then you can imagine what this sounds like.

    Frankly, if that doesn’t send you running to buy it on vinyl, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. Because this a beautiful, wistful, cheeky, heartfelt joy of an album, that despite the comparisons mentioned above, really doesn’t sound quite like anything or anyone else.

    The band may have split, but this is timeless music.