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  1. When The World Was One
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
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    Falling Water Falling Water
    Sublimely played and styled jazz collection. The songs ebb and flow beautifully.

    Great to hear an album that gives the melodies and instruments a chance to breath. Love the use of koto, as well as the inspired bass lines. The soloing is both subtle and incisive from all players.

    A modern classic that I could listen to every day.
  2. Frequency is the New Ecstasy
    by Teleplasmiste
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    Fall of the Yak Man Fall of the Yak Man
    Such a hauntingly beautiful suite of songs.

    Anchored by an almost seismically toned synthesiser drone that rises and falls like a tide, bell-like chimes and pulse float over the top, giving the music an almost Arvo Part-like tintinnabular quality.

    A mesmerising and rewarding experience, with an album cover that is an absolute work of art to boot.
  3. Hear You
    by toe
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    A Desert Human A Desert Human
    For such a complex album, this is incredibly easy to listen to, as it's melodic, thoughtful and played with a genius-level blend of talent and heart.

    I'm new to Toe, so the vocals sound completely right and natural to me. Everything works as it should, I reckon.

    And on vinyl, it looks and sounds even better. A near-perfect package!
  4. Narkopop
    by GAS
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    Narkopop 2 Narkopop 2
    Can't stop listening to it. It's like William Blake's 'forests of the night'. Ancient, modern, dark and dreamlike. Incredible how much continues to be revealed with each play.

    The depth of the bass is astonishing; deep pulses like distant missile fire, whilst the light of counterpoint flickers in the clouds. It's just so good!

    Can't wait for the vinyl to arrive.
  5. They Fall But You Don't
    by Mondkopf
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    Vivere, Parte II Vivere, Parte II
    This album absolutely floored me on first listen. The experience of it was overwhelming. That doesn't happen very often.

    So much sound; interweaving, groaning, grinding, weeping. It sounds like the world being ripped apart. It's beautiful, too, if such a thing could ever be beautiful.

    It takes incredible talent, I think, to produce a piece of art like this. Honestly, I think this is genius.
  6. Fanfares
    by GoGo Penguin
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    Seven Sons Of Björn Seven Sons Of Björn
    Sublimely played piano-led jazz trio. Complex without ever sounding pretentious, this is contemporary jazz with played with real feeling, and its sweeping melodicism, eschews any semblance of muzak or other such trite reductions that can befall the piano-led trio.

    I love lots of different styles of jazz, and this is jazz in beautiful, lyrical form. I could listen to it every day.
  7. Horse Follows Darkness
    by Delia Gonzalez
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    Vesuvius Vesuvius
    This is like rustic krautrock. It's a digital beast with analogue heart. It just evokes so much emotion; synths sweep and wash with compelling precision.

    The piano in this is sublime; an essential part of the tonal palette. All up, it's one of the most intellectually provocative instrumental works I've heard.
  8. Reassemblage
    by Visible Cloaks
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    Valve (Ft. Miyako Koda) Valve (Ft. Miyako Koda)
    This album takes ambient into the folds and textures of life itself. It purrs, clicks, whirrs and hums. It's spacious, dreamlike and playful.

    Few albums are as inventive when it comes to reimagining the concepts of melody and harmonics. This album is so close to just being 'sounds' at times, and that's what makes it so compelling. It's music. Real music. To be honest, to me, more than anything else, it's jazz.
  9. ACID BABY JESUS "Selected Recordings" LP
    by Acid Baby Jesus
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    Who's First Who's First
    Late 60's in style and production - garage psychedelia. Put it on and enjoy the ride.
  10. The New Breed
    by Jeff Parker
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    Here Comes Ezra Here Comes Ezra
    For all its tricksiness, this is very sensous album. Almost liquid-like in its blend of genres and harmonic elements. It feels like a step in multiple directions at once, as it's not dominated by any singular sense of purpose or intent, other than to just connect with the listener. A modern-jazz soundscape, perhaps.

    This is album really confirms for me that we are in the midst of a jazz revival of the like not seen in decades.
  11. Kikagaku Moyo
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
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    Zo No Senaka Zo No Senaka
    Like a rusty dream.

    From a similar place to early Tame Impala, but looser, more reflective. More 'drift'. A bit more spiritual, perhaps.

    Though short, this is a compelling mix of styles and melodic twists from a group with a clear knowledge and love of psychedelia and non-linear song-craft.

    Sit back and enjoy.