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  1. Dronecaine
    by Opium Eyes Of Nico
  2. Dark Ambient Vol. 15
    by V/A
  3. Dark Ambient vol. 1
    by V/A
  4. Dark Ambient Vol. 4
    by V/A
  5. Dark Ambient vol. 3
    by V/A
  6. Studio 4632 Dark Ambient Sampler Vol 2
    by Various Studio Artists
  7. Swallowed Into The Abyss
    by Sangam
  8. Darkness of Tomorrow
    by EMBA Soundsystem
  9. e c o s p h e r e
    by Electric Dreams
  10. 命の形が死んだ
    by 異星人
  11. Water Birth
    by First Kings
  12. 死と生は同じです (death and life are the same)
    by 疑心暗鬼
    Among the frustratingly inconsistent works on the Geometric Lullaby label there are a few albums worth the listeners time. This is one of them. This has some good dark ambient music and some decent-ish vaporwave.
  13. 该水总把它带走
    by W ̄ ̄
  14. TOWERS
    by TOWERS
    Given this label and also given the album cover aesthetics, I was expecting some variety of vaporwave. Instead, I found a refreshingly good ambient electronic album, sort of space music but with some unique features. I'm very pleased!
  15. Sonic Methamorphosis
    by AURAL
  16. Vol.2 Nothingness
    by This Is Darkness
  17. The Uncanny Valley
  18. III
    by Melanohelios
  19. VII: Warmth Within Endless Emptiness
    by Melanohelios
  20. An Unknown Compelling Force
    by Melanohelios
  21. Shattered Waveforms
    by Melanohelios
  22. Void Acoustics II
    by Melanohelios
  23. Steps.
    by Melanohelios
    Contentment \\ Contentment \\
    This definitely spans sub-genres, with some pretty standard dark ambient tones in the first tune evolving into soothing space ambient pads in the latter two. The NASA transmissions sometimes take center stage. This is a good release, that rewards repeated listens.
  24. Void Acoustics
    by Melanohelios
  25. Atmosphere
    by Vozrozhdeniya
  26. Remixes
    by State Azure
  27. Outlines
    by State Azure
  28. Phantoms
    by State Azure
  29. Modular Works I
    by State Azure
  30. Hiraeth
    by State Azure
  31. Shadows EP
    by State Azure
  32. So Long, Eternity
    by State Azure
  33. Mirror Infinite
    by State Azure
  34. Modular Works II
    by State Azure
  35. Disconnect
    by State Azure
  36. Adrift EP
    by State Azure
  37. Dark Ambient Vol. 5
    by V/A
  38. Between The Rings
    by Stellardrone
    Breathe In The Light Breathe In The Light
    Everything Stellardrone releases is absolutely first rate. His style reminds me of Tangerine Dream, or at least a progression from their work in the 1970's. This songs on this EP are more than pretty synth pads and noises, but composed songs. It's definitely a pleasure for the listener.
  39. Ldaovh Trilogy
    by Cold Womb Descent
    λ 2,17 K (-270,98 °C) λ 2,17 K (-270,98 °C)
    Impressive in scope and beyond any clean subgenre distinctions, this 28 song compilation of three albums can be an intimidating listen. The story of earth's encounter with Ldaovh is sketched out in the song titles and narrative, but mostly left to the listener's interpretation. Very well produced and rewards repeat listening. Buy it!
  40. Vol.1 Dark Ambient
    by This Is Darkness
  41. A Page of Madness - A Sumatran Soundtrack
    by Sumatran Black
  42. Elegy for a Lost Cosmonaut E.P
    by Sumatran Black
  43. Heralding of a New Age
    by And The Oceans Dream Eternal
  44. The Eldest One
    by Windtower
  45. Dragons of Autumn Twilight
    by Casket Of Dreams
    Beyond The Mirrorgate Beyond The Mirrorgate
    Very solid dark ambient with outstanding synth tones and great production. Percussion comes in here and there and sometimes it's got a strong melody compared to other "ambient." But it is very listenable.