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  1. Hexa
    by Useless
  2. Chemical Flowers
    by Helm
  3. Life Metal
    by SUNN O)))
  4. Bright Decline
    by VIUL
    Girls Talking Nitrous Girls Talking Nitrous
  5. New Rain Duets
    by Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan
  6. Pale Bloom
    by Sarah Davachi
  7. D+A EP (2007)
    by Jasper TX
  8. Avatar In Life
    by Internazionale
  9. soft years
    by mirror to mirror
  10. Organ Dirges 2016-2017
    by Kali Malone
  11. Trials & Tribulations
    by JH1.FS3
  12. Mountains Past / Immortal Yeller
    by AMULETS
  13. Andrew Tuttle
    by Andrew Tuttle
  14. Memoria
    by Rosen & Spyddet
    Favntag Favntag
  15. AD284 The Binary Marketing Show 'Short-Term Fix For a Long-Term Death'
    by Already Dead Tapes and Records
  16. Hundreds of Days
    by Mary Lattimore
    5th track sounds like Roy Montgomery with a harp. So beautiful I could cry :-(
  17. Winnie Vinegar
    by J. Ryan Halpenny
  18. Station One
    by Fennesz
  19. Maxwell August Croy - Kaniza
    by Psychic Troubles Tapes
  20. Body of Water
    by Croatian Amor & Varg
    Shadows Show Violet Shadows Show Violet
  21. Grid Of Points
    by Grouper
  22. Ashenden
    by Lee Noble
    Franklin Gothic Franklin Gothic
  23. Midnight Colours
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
    Oh Paris, We Are Fucked Oh Paris, We Are Fucked
  24. Manos
    by Vanessa Amara
    Manos Manos
  25. Star Alliance
    by Varg
  26. Nordic Flora Pt. 2, En Ros Röd Som Blod
    by Varg
    Salem II Salem II
  27. Masks Are Aids
    by Sewer Election & Puce Mary
  28. I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You
    by Posh Isolation
  29. The Forest Diaries
    by Dag Rosenqvist
  30. Pissing Stars
    by Efrim Manuel Menuck
  31. Length of Sweden O.S.T.
    by Dag Rosenqvist
  32. The Vanity Set
    by Damien Dubrovnik
    Mornings and Contusions (reworked) Mornings and Contusions (reworked)
  33. Rainbow Mirror
    by Prurient
  34. Fable Shop
    by Sean McCann
    After The Spring After The Spring
  35. To Be a Beast
    by Dino Spiluttini
    Kerstin in Ecstasy Kerstin in Ecstasy
  36. Suns
    by loscil
  37. Hotel EP
    by Alex Zhang Hungtai
    Valentine Valse Valentine Valse
  38. Buy Corals Online
    by Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin
  39. Tokonoma
    by Jon Porras
    Stochastic Return Stochastic Return
  40. BETULA
    by AMULETS
  41. Leave Corners
    by Aquarelle
  42. Lignin Poise
    by Benoît Pioulard
  43. We, so tired of all the darkness in our lives
    by Leyland Kirby
  44. The Hell of You Come In
    by Lee Noble
    by AMULETS