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  1. Atmospheres of Desolation
    by Noctambulist
  2. पुनर्जन्म भाग १
    by गौतम बुद्ध
  3. Disinterred Horror
    by Ritual Necromancy
  4. Lowgazers
    by Plebeian Grandstand
  5. The Barren Form
    by Noctambulist
    Mind blowing tech death!
  6. De Doorn
    by AMENRA
  7. 66 Black Wings
    by Gallows
  8. Mortal Coil
    by Dödsrit
    one of the best album's of the year
  9. Abhorrent Rapture
    by Witch Vomit
    Fucking great!
  10. A Diabolic Thirst
    Frigid and Spellbound Frigid and Spellbound
    Face melting, shrilling black metal (with stellar production)
  11. Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
    by Body Void
  12. Songs for the Enamel Queen
    by Black Sheep Wall
    Prayer Sheet for Wound and Nail Prayer Sheet for Wound and Nail
    Songs for the Enamel Queen is a titanic progression of sludge, doom, dark melody and self-loathing. A fine follow up from from BSW's previous epic I'm Going to Kill Myself. To put it lightly, this album is a motherfucker.
  13. The Crimson Corridor
    by Zao
    Listening to this record is like watching a heavyweight boxer come out of retirement and knock his opponent out in the first round. Zao never fails.
  14. Eschaton Mémoire
    by Chaos Moon
  15. An Unexpected Reality
    by Gatecreeper
  16. Shadow of Life
    by Umbra Vitae
  17. Kathodos
    by Serpent Column
    Departure of Splinters Departure of Splinters
    This is one of the best things to have come out of 2020
    by Carpenter Brut
    Maniac Maniac
    by Carpenter Brut
    Blood Machines Theme Blood Machines Theme
    I transcend with this record
  20. EP II
    by Carpenter Brut