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  1. Versus The World
    by Versus The World
  2. Look Alive EP
    by CHASER
  3. How Dare You
    by G.T
    It's brilliant musically. But it's also painful, because you can't listen to it without thinking about what awful things the future likely holds for our planet.
  4. Line of Sight (from Felony Records Punk Rock Bowling Vol. 1)
    by CHASER
  5. Um Futuro a Temer - Volume 2
    by Um Futuro a Temer
    by MAID OF ACE
  7. Predators
    by In Evil Hour
    In Evil Hour sounds like a female-fronted British Anti-Flag. I dare anyone to listen to "Predators" without creaming their pants.
  8. Mild Lawtism
    by LAW/LBC
  9. Great Lakes Great Mistakes
    by Break Anchor, Unsinkable Molly Brown
  10. Punk Rock Halloween - Loud, Fast & Scary
    by Punk Rock Halloween
  11. Toxic EP
    by LAW/LBC
    Jakob Nowell and his band sound so much like his dad that it will literally give you chills.
  12. Implants - Life Passes (8-Bit)
    by Fast Melodic Hard-Bits
  13. Broadcasting To The Nations
    by Authority Zero
    Sevens Sevens
    This album is AZip's best since Andiamo, maybe even A Passage In Time. And that's a high bar for a band that couldn't put out a bad studio album if they tried. There's hints of every previous album. Even fans who think the band went downhill after Passage should like this one.
  14. Tag Team Champions
    by Seagulls, Karbomb
  15. Homesick / Roadsick
    by Versus The World
  16. Garage Years: Unreleased & Out of Print (LP)
    by CHASER
  17. Action / Accion (EP 2011)
    by CHASER
  18. Greatest Hits
    by MC Lars
  19. The Ghost and the Guest
    by The Ghost and the Guest
  20. Steal Your Trampoline
    by Ass Wipe Junkies
    Not a lot of bands can make a radio-edited track even funnier than the original uncensored version. And the video just makes it even better!