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  1. One With The Universe
    by Samsara Blues Experiment
    One With The Universe One With The Universe
    SBE have outdone themselves (and many others) with this fine work. All the pieces fit together seamlessly and beautifully, in a mutually-supportive way. Enjoyment grows with repeated listening.
  2. Volcanoes of Deception
    by Platypus Revenge
    EnTrance EnTrance
    Free improvisation is not everyone's cup of tea. In the worst case, it can resemble "random noise," but in the hands of capable and creative musicians it can be an intriguing, stimulating and enjoyable form of expression from the audience's perspective. I find this album to be a good example of the latter case.
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  3. Process and Reality
    by Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami Akita [Merzbow]
    TVJ 33 (Core Track) TVJ 33 (Core Track)
    Here we have a collaboration that is greater than the sum of the participating artists and music that is greater than the sum of the individual parts - as such a project should be. This reminds me of other strange experimental music I have liked down through the decades; and that's all I can say without writing an essay such as wouldn't be appropriate here.
  4. Versus: Eigenharp Pico
    by ManVsMaschine
    I'll be waiting (Missunderstood Remix) I'll be waiting (Missunderstood Remix)
    This album succeeds on at least two fronts: 1. It is a fine example of composition and execution, regardless of the instrument 2. It serves as a great demo of the Eigenharp Pico's remarkable expressiveness.
  5. What You Need
    by Carpadium
    Lars Needs A Vacation Lars Needs A Vacation
  6. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
    akva akva
  7. Moloch
    by Merkabah
    Reed Idol Reed Idol
  8. Groundswell
    by Moraine
    In That Distant Place In That Distant Place
  9. Micropangaea
    by Brendan Byrnes
    Trillopod Trillopod
    Brendan's mastery of the microtonal palette is remarkable, and I think kudos is/are due for his role in attracting a wider audience to non-12-EDO music. To the extent the listener can eventually set aside the perception of this music as extremely exotic, it succeeds quite nicely on its own terms, as well.
  10. Into the Shadow Garden
    by Copal
    Shadows Shadows
    Copal weave numerous influences into a coherent style of their own, rendering their music masterfully from composition through performance.
  11. Rainy Days
    by Erik Jackson
    Through The Storm Through The Storm
    This album creates a perfect (nostalgic) soundtrack for a rainy day. It's also like an exercise in time travel, engendering for the listener a feeling of being firmly rooted in past and present simultaneously.
  12. For The Asking
    by Celia
    Metta Prayer Metta Prayer
    I was introduced to Celia by experiencing one of her live performances, which I found moving and memorable. She's a unique and talented artist.
  13. A Lament For The Lamb
    by Merkabah
    Twelver Twelver
    Refreshing my comments on this album several months after purchasing it: I find it consistently satisfying to listen to, nuances continuing to reveal themselves after many listenings. Surely Merkabah from Warsaw is underrated and deserves a larger (worldwide) following. I would make a point of seeing them perform live if they came to my city.
    by Dirtwire
    Rusted Railway Rusted Railway
    This music combines a number of disparate influences, prominent among them Appalachian, African and Asian, into something that sounds new and refreshingly different.
  15. Winter
    by Inna Zhelannaya
    Thoughts Thoughts
    I also have both of Inna's albums that are available via Bandcamp. She's a stellar vocalist with a stellar band performing consistently stellar music. I don't need to understand the lyrics to be transported. What else needs to be said?
  16. Sub City 2064
    by Erdem Helvacioğlu & Per Boysen
    Radiation Patrol Radiation Patrol
    Very creative and beautiful music.