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  1. Chalice
    by Night Hikes
    Vera Vera
  2. Lucky Star
    by Peach Kelli Pop
    I need more PKP every year
  3. The Doubble Donkey Disc (2001)
    by Ozma
    You Know The Story You Know The Story
    Every Ozma album has some great songs but some of Ozma’s very best ones are on the second half of this album. Continental Drift is my all time favorite track by them.
  4. MM...Food
    by MF DOOM
    Beef Rap Beef Rap
    had to buy at least one DOOM album !! and I love this one because it's fun as hell. I love albums that can entertain me like a cartoon movie feature.

    best album I've bought on bandcamp
  5. Some Heaven / The Hardest Part / Demos
    by Alison's Halo
  6. ¿Dónde está todo el mundo?
    by Las vacaciones de Godzilla
  7. Pasadena (2007)
    by Ozma
    Heartache Vs Heartbreak Heartache Vs Heartbreak
    Ozma is my favorite band I found in 2019, hands down. I can't get enough of music that has that Weezer energy.
    Maggot Maggot
    Great angsty album. I hope the members makes more music one day.

    'Maggot' is my favorite song by them. A song about pulling the plug on a parasite you let get out of hand.
    by Mogli and the Dirty Sisters
    For the ones who tried For the ones who tried
    I found this artist because someone on Tumblr covered 'Seala!'

    I listened to this album a lot while road-tripping with my dad in New Zealand! Good memories.

    The ending half of "For the ones who tried" is my favorite bit of the album.
  10. View-Monster
    by Lemon Demon
    The Machine The Machine
    Good album if you are coming down off your Spirit Phone high and need more Lemon Demon.
  11. I don't want to look at the stars
    by Kara's Walk Home
    4am again... that's fine 4am again... that's fine
    I downloaded 2 years ago cause it was free and then it grew on me. The lyrics are honest and relatable. Insecurity, loneliness, and existentialism. But it's inspiring too, this person feels like this but they still made a whole album. "4am again" feels like a callout, so I usually stop dicking around and start drawing when I hear it.
  12. Bisexual
    by CARIÑO
  13. The Loving Hour
    by Mt. Mmm
    let's Keep in Touch let's Keep in Touch
  14. Froogy's Groovies - Is This Froogy's Groovies?
    by Death Records
    The Party Never Ends The Party Never Ends
    This album is sweet! I love the cutesy style!

    Off topic, why is a cartoon porn site for Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft???????
  15. Alvvays
    by Alvvays
    Archie, Marry Me Archie, Marry Me
  16. Gentle Leader
    by Peach Kelli Pop
    King Size King Size
  17. Duster's Lament
    by Yucky Duster
    Elementary School Dropout Elementary School Dropout
    Good!!!! maaake more!!!
  18. Which Witch
    by Peach Kelli Pop
    Los Angeles Los Angeles
  19. Dozen / Calendar 7"
    by Alison's Halo
    Calendar Calendar
  20. Chalkboard James - Big Money Mix
    by Alison's Halo