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  1. START
    by Beth McKenna
  2. TwoYearAnniversary
    by Various Artists
    B05.Mr. Käfer - Step Back B05.Mr. Käfer - Step Back
    Worth every penny .
    Easy to listen . Hiphop-ish and a bit jazzy vibe . Light bass is on the spot .
    Motives are various . Some tracks though could be in better recording quality .

    Overall very recommend for background listening . When you take a break from some fav albums

    George score 7/10⭐️
  3. Seaside (Part II)
    by Oldtwig
    I must say it a lot weaker work than the first edition . that one was close to masterpiece . this one is ok

    George score 5.5/10 ⭐️
  4. Dark matter
    by Oldtwig
    Feels good !
    Feels like good old Oldtwig . A lot better than his (feels like amateur first recording though being 4th ) seaside 2 .
    Recording quality great
    Motives are unique
    Length is TERRIBLE !
    Emotions , sad but are there .
    George score 7/10⭐️
  5. back to reality
    by naked gun
    naked gun - memory naked gun - memory
    Wow !
    I hate all that Russian except the books . Yet I couldn’t to resist this album !
    The recording quality is great.
    Beats good , bass is in hip hop style( slamming not bouncy deep woof ).

    Motives are original . Interesting .
    Scooped it for my priceless collection .

    “Memory” track is out of this world . Motive was kind of plagiarized . Original is like 10y back . Though it’s colossal track!

    VERY QUICKLY GOT OLD . cause essentially they are all boring loops
    George score 6/10 ⭐️ .
  6. Technical Knowledge
    by Maartn & BennyBen
    B3.BennyBen - Back To Life B3.BennyBen - Back To Life
    Wow ! What an unexpected pleasure ! The unique motives the real thready melodies that puncture the mind are amazing . Soo damn dreamy , recording quality is great .
    All plate feels like the one and like many pieces at once .
    Beats are so hiphop-ish yet some folklore and jazzy vibe intertwined into them .
    Love from first sight .
    George score - 7.5/10 ⭐️
  7. Déjà-rêvé
    by Flitz&Suppe
    A bit sad , yet easy , lots a looping which is not welcome at all . Though overal vibe is good.
    Recording quality is good
    It’s clearly not the diamond in the guy’s plates collection

    George score - 7/10 ⭐️
  8. Quintessenz und ihri Nuance (Instrumentals)
    by Philanthrope
    Seit eh und je Seit eh und je
    one of the best of its kind ! heart slowing . themes are swift your imagination far ... away .
    so Jazzy , so classy you could almost feel sound becomes liquid , tangible .
    recording quality - great
    motives - ingenious , outstanding
    instrumental bouquet- rich
    my mind is pacing to pick ONe favorite track - its just "mission impossible" though with Philanthrope taking lead role .
    love love love
    George score - 10/10 ⭐️
  9. Abstract Fusion
    by Rak & Chavo
    The Beginning Of A Trip The Beginning Of A Trip
    I don't get why the name on the tape is rak&CHAVO its so obvious EL jazzy Chavo . as always in its own niche . Instrumental jazzy hiphop with bits of alternate universe / reality
    a good album .

    recording quality sucks as all EL Js recording since he deliberately degrade them to sound more "vinyl-like"
    motives not bad
    instruments are scarce
    and beat as always the same _SAME FUCKING beat for almost all the tracks , EL Js albums :)
    George score - 6.5/10 ⭐️
  10. Planet Hearth
    by Calibre
    Pine Pine
    The one who can tell the difference between mundane and divine , to tell apart luck from
    Skills , to distinguish talent and talentless .
    This guy is a real jewel to music society . I’ve turned upside down many rocks to get his “Shine a light” in flac . After I was kneeled down by his UNPARALLELED “Valentia” .
    This album though ... isn’t good as first two
    George score - 8/10 ⭐️
  11. Thoughtful Morning
    by Sleepless
    Next Level Next Level
    It’s so good ! Impossible to pick one fav track .

    Recording quality is top notch .
    Songs give away classy Jazzy vibe like back in the day .
    Beat is punchy high quality you can almost feel it between your teeth .
    The instrument Bouquet vibrant.
    The songs diversity great yet they all correlate with each other .
    The theme is - kind . Very pleasant to listen . Positive emotions very much alike “Saib - sailing “


    George score 7.5 of 10
  12. Midnight Passengers Series 03
    by somehowArt
  13. The Power Of Simplicity EP
    by somehowArt
  14. Bebop
    by saib.
    Huge fan of - around the world , escapade , sailing , ipanema . BUT this one and new beginning it’s just ... let me put it soft “ very , very bad “

    George score - 4/10 ⭐️
  15. On & On
    by Chief Rugged
    The 1 The 1
    great Album. good motives
    VERY very short
    recording quality ok.

    if someone like what he hears here my advice " El Jazzy Chavo "
    very similar . though latter few heads ahead .

    George score - 7.5/10 ⭐️
  16. Lab Sounds
    by K, Le Maestro
    Dem Boyz Dem Boyz
    nice bass
    good depth
    very short
    overal very good and very EXPENSIVE for a nobody.

    quality of recording is almost good .

    George score - 7/10 ⭐️
  17. Impro - Instrumental
    by Julian Convex
    great potential .
    try to find any traces of the guy - no luck.
    I never buy tracks or album of less than 5 tracks.

    this is exclusion .

    still hoping for an album
    recording quality is Shit though
    George score - 7/10 ⭐️
  18. Spaghetti Ice
    by Geliks
    the INDEED album is phenomenal , I guess because was released under #coldbusted label . this one just ok

    George score - 6/10 ⭐️
  19. Vol. 2
    by Sebastian Fraye
    very good - especially considering it goes for almost free

    I wish tracks were longer
    recording quality isn't bad .

    George score - 7/10 ⭐️
  20. Late Night Headphones Vol. 1
    by Esbe
    W_O_W ! impossible to beat !
    I knew the guy has potential . I have never bought from him. I felt he's too raw . but this one almost mature album . in top 5 this year .
    2 days spin non stop.
    good recording quality
    great diverse motives .
    nice instrumental ensemble
    great electronic inclinations.,
    George score - 8.5/10 ⭐️