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  1. OST
    by Zer0 れい
    Periods of psychological spaces with noticeable physical presence. Bold, abstract and dynamic textures. A deep piece with great emotion. Some times it plays the part of nightmare, and other times it soothes you through it.
  2. Dark Space III
    by Darkspace
  3. Ikuinen Tuli (Split)
    by Iku-Turso
  4. Aegisthus
    by Aberrant Vascular
  5. Shadowy Peripherals
  6. ACT III: Of Emerging Chaos And Times Forgotten
  7. Ikuinen Steelfest MMXXII Live
    by Iku-Turso
  8. Ikuinen Viha (Split)
    by Iku-Turso & Standvast
  9. GAIA 脱俗 EX
    by R∞
  10. I Shall Raise My Burning Sword
    by Eldritch
  11. Furio
    by Cat Temper
  12. Maybe We're Not So Different
    by w u s o 命
  13. Free Forever
    by Second∞Sight
  14. As Infinite Shadows Of The Nightsky
    by Korpituli
  15. Discipline
  16. MMXX
    by SLVMBER
  17. The Ancient Spells Of The Past
    by Korpituli
  18. Roads
    by Shadows and Mirrors
    There's a huge range to S&M's sound. This collection pulls from the dark synth realm of their work, with a bit of hard electro chaos in songs like Bad Lieutenant and cinematic horror in songs like Starfounder's remix of Midnight in the Park.
  19. Furio
    by Cat Temper
  20. Cerebral Alchemy
    by Kamra