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  1. Entropy Zero - The Edge (feat. Jay Ray)
    by Jay Ray
  2. You Were There (Single)
    by Jay Ray
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  3. The Great Art of Living
    by Jay Ray
  4. Entropy Zero - Flame of Fate (feat. Jay Ray)
    by Jay Ray
  5. Jay Ray - 137
    by Jay Ray
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  6. Striven (feat. Marko Saaresto)
    by Jay Ray
  7. Collaboral Compilation 2011-2012
    by Jay Ray
  8. Lost Chance (Radio Edit)
    by Paul Udarov feat. Jay Ray
  9. Self-Resonance (Instrumentals)
    by Jay Ray
  10. Self-Resonance (Deluxe)
    by Jay Ray
  11. Promo EP 2015
    by Jay Ray
  12. American Dream
    by Thomas Bergersen
    Thomas's first symphonic work that clocks in at just below 45 minutes is a phenomenal example of his amazing musical talents. It is a non-stop, thrilling ride through a variety of moods and emotions, and anybody, who is either familiar with his TSFH and solo works, or is simply looking for brilliant melodic orchestral album, definitely _will_ want to give this album a listen.
  13. Ori and the Will of the Wisps E3 2018 Trailer Music
    by Gareth Coker
  14. Spacetime Miscalculation
    by Rom Di Prisco
  15. inMomentum
    by Gareth Coker
    inMomentum is an excellent electronica soundtrack by my beloved Ori games composer. This time, Gareth brings us an eclectic mix of purely electronic instruments mixed with more traditional, orchestral elements and a sprinkling of vocals. This album works great both as background if you need to focus on a task, and a more concentrated listening experience.
  16. Dark Matter
    by Les Friction
    You Always Knew (feat. Lara Fabian) You Always Knew (feat. Lara Fabian)
    A more than worthy successor to their debut album. The band have evolved considerably, now offering a more eclectic assortment of tracks and moods. However, they are still very much rooted in the sound that defined their unique style of melding orchestra, stellar vocalwork, and some more traditional instruments. All fans of theirs should pick this up in a heartbeat and those not yet familiar with their style but looking for something fresh and unusual should at least give this album a spin.
  17. Trailer Hits
    by Immediate Music
    A great blend of some of the more and less known tracks from the grand wizards of epic music. Some of the tracks have come out in modified forms on previous Trailerhead albums, but there is enough new and interesting material to make this album worthwhile.
  18. Existence
    by Immediate Music
    An electrifying mix of massive orchestral hybrid mixes in the grand Immediate Music fashion. If you crave soundtrack for a machine apocalypse, look no further.
  19. Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Teaser Music
    by Gareth Coker
    It's Ori... What else is there to say?
  20. Awake Alert Alive almost
    by The Spiritual Machines