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  1. Aranda, Australia
  2. Ambient
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  1. Titanic Rising
    by Weyes Blood
  2. Portals
    by Behind The Sky Music
  3. The Mind Is A Trap
    by Serafina Steer
  4. Mirror Return
    by Glamour Lakes
  5. Core
    by Steve Roach
  6. The Pool Is Full Of Hats EP
    by Ned Collette & Wirewalker

gifts given

Lysander has given 9 gifts.
  1. The Grove Of Lustral Waters
    by Milieu
  2. A Place Outside Of Time
    by Dreamstate Logic
  3. Unheard Of
    by Lesa Listvy
  4. Exo
    by Tineidae
  5. Would
    by Jogging House
  6. Secrets Of The Stars
    by Dreamstate Logic
  7. Slow Lid Close [Expanded & Remastered]
    by Milieu
  8. Mer de Revs III
    by How To Disappear Completely
  9. Conversations with Bees
    by Invisible Allies