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  1. Selection
    by SLaM
  2. Volume 2: Blueprint of a Struggled Mind
    by Unsigned Not Unheard
  3. The Emperor (Variation on a Theme by Samoth)
    by Oceans of Slumber
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. Splinter
    by Soul Enema
  5. Other Line
    by Soul Enema
  6. Unholy Ghost
    by Soul Enema
  7. Citadels
    by Mandroid Echostar
  8. Revelation's Eternal
    by Aetherfallen
  9. The Ancient Ones
    by Kellianna
  10. Slave Of Saints
    by Inside It Grows
    by Frailty
  12. The Man Left In Space
    by Cosmograf
  13. Astral Glow
    by Zgard
  14. Alchemy of Life - Soundtrack AD1312
    by Matteo Bosi
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. Royal Thunder
    by Royal Thunder
  16. CVI
    by Royal Thunder
  17. Hell Isn't My Home - European Tour Edition
    by October Sky
    I downloaded this album some time ago now, I really like Rock music, some tunes are melodic, but rock is rock, so I like those bands that try and keep the essence of that genre. Some bands sell out, some are just dross like Guns 'n' Roses, that is all about money, not the music I love, keep it up chaps, one day someone will see that you are more than you think, at least true rock fans can see that,
  18. Worms Eye View
    by Anuryzm
  19. Of Earth & Angels
    by LEAH
  20. Gather, Darkness!
    by Burning Shadows