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Moth Korey

  1. Sydney, Australia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Crooked Doors (Deluxe Version)
    by Royal Thunder
    Time Machine Time Machine
  2. Goblin Rebirth
    by Goblin Rebirth
    Requiem For X Requiem For X
  3. The Great Year
    by The Black Opera
    Behold The Opera [prod. by yU] Behold The Opera [prod. by yU]
  4. Hemispheres
    by doseone
    Bronchial Cleansing Bronchial Cleansing
  5. Immerse (LP)
    by Periskop
    Immerse Immerse
  6. Augmented 7th Vinyl Edition
    by Ash Walker
    Cote De Boeuf Cote De Boeuf
  7. Jazzpo!
    by Jazzpospolita
    Balkony Balkony
  8. Soul Food
    Just Another Day Just Another Day
  9. Third Pass - 3rd Anniversary LP
    by The Jazz Jousters
  10. Love of Cartography
    by sleepmakeswaves
    Perfect Detonator Perfect Detonator
  11. 12 bit Blues
    by Kid Koala
    2 bit Blues 2 bit Blues
  12. Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II
    by Ghostface Killah
    Return of The Savage feat Raekwon and Rza Return of The Savage feat Raekwon and Rza
  13. Idol Hands
    by Dyl Thomas & Flu
    Red Wine Bars Shine Red Wine Bars Shine
  14. Sleep Cycles
    by neat beats
    give your love give your love
    by Argot Stereo
    Slumdogz Slumdogz
  16. Remixes from The Elephant House Volume 1.
    by G. Corp
    Cocainre In my Brain - Dillinger Cocainre In my Brain - Dillinger
  17. Insomnia
    by Jimmy Pé
    Tachyphemia (feat. Conor Nutt) Tachyphemia (feat. Conor Nutt)
  18. Dysnomia
    by Dawn of Midi
    Nix Nix
  19. My Little Ghost
    by kidkanevil
    Oyasumi Oyasumi
  20. A13
    by Garnier
    Dinosaurs Are Gone Dinosaurs Are Gone
    blending Kraftwerkian electro-pop and instrumental hip hop, the French techno luminary continues his low-key EP series with this sublimely understated divergence.

    emotive synthlines and electro-disco motifs are bound beautifully by precisely crafted downtempo beats.
  21. Pink
    by Four Tet
    Locked Locked
  22. New Age
    by Zomblaze
    Breathe Deep feat. RK Breathe Deep feat. RK
  23. Kidsuke
    by Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe
    Tiny Concrete Block Tiny Concrete Block
    this collaboration between the UK's Kidkanevil & Japan's Daisuke Tanabe is syncopated, glitchy and spacious music that falls somewhere between reflective & experimental.

    whilst there is a clear pulse and momentum, the beats are fractured & sporadic with riffs shifting through textures & tones rather than section changes.

    an effective sense of narration wrapped in wonder is superbly aligned with clicks & beeps flickering over sparse bass with implicit purpose.
  24. Basho Basho
    by kidkanevil
    Land Of Plenty / Bokusha 2 Land Of Plenty / Bokusha 2
    blending Far East interests with personal geography, Kidkanevil's inventive production flourishes are seamlessly infused with warped melodies & ingenious percussion.

    littered with rare film and old school Nintendo samples, tracks ride breezily over clicks and minimalist beats into an outpouring of intellectually stimulating & imaginative ambient hiphop.

    Kidkanevil is at his best when the beats never really materialise but rather simply exist in abstraction.
  25. Pushing Air
    by Deru
    Soulik Soulik
    rolling melodies & intricate glitch-hop percussions are perfectly fused with the lush quietude of implied silence...

    and the beautifully crafted atmospheric soundscapes deliver weight & space with searing emotion.

    an intrinsic, dark & melancholic delicacy.
  26. sans. chantilly
    by odezenne
    Souvenir Souvenir
  27. Erriapo
    by Ukkonen
    Thrym Thrym
    amidst the elusive patterns & time signature trickery, the intriguing backbone motifs, subtle polyrhythms & midrange grooves are delivered with lucid confidence.

    the icy yet intimate depths exhude an outside awareness of jazz and experimentalism.

    understated, elegant, but never simple.
  28. Unlit
    by Volor Flex
    My Universe My Universe
    whilst 'Unlit' is an imitation of the melancholic masterclass 'Untrue' by Burial, there is something brilliant about its quiet, solemn evanescence.

    the eerily dark sparse patterns and mysterious realms deliver surprising twists where every note is served with purpose.
  29. Music for Imaginary Movies
    by Inqiteka & Berry Weight
    Yeti's Lament Yeti's Lament
    soulful electro-organic-space-jazz, harmonizing storybook-like melodies & immersive cinematic atmospheres...

    and the sultry use of turntablism is near perfection.
  30. Cosmic Surgery
    by neat beats
    Why Would We Need Brakes? Why Would We Need Brakes?
    infectious melodies over stutters, stops & rhythmic pulses.

    eclectic vocal samples, glitchy mechanistic experimentation and cathartic percussion - all fused into something unforgettable.
  31. Dreamcatcher
    by Exist Strategy
    Never lose your smile Never lose your smile
    elegantly moving between beautiful fragility & the hypnotic clasp of dark organic grooves, 'Dreamcatcher' is both hauntingly desolate & transcendently uplifting.

    listening to this music is like having your consciousness massaged by a beautiful supermodel made from the softest pillows in the world.
  32. Moments EP
    by ALEOS
    Nocturnal Nocturnal
    left-field & glitchy, the soothing soft accents and harmonious tones are heavily textured yet meticulously chiselled.

    at no point do Leo Shulman’s ideas sound recycled or borrowed.
  33. The Mad Writer
    by L'Orange
    Femme Fatale feat. Erica Lane Femme Fatale feat. Erica Lane
    made with equal amounts of imagination & precision.

    masterfully crafted, sublime sampling genius.
  34. In Your Brain
    by Monophonics
    Bang Bang Bang Bang
    recorded on an 8 track quarter-inch tape machine, using vintage microphones, spring reverbs and delays, this album recreates the vintage sound of the 1960s and 70s with an explosion of sublime modern experimentation.

    acoustically rich and warm psychedelic funk interspersed with sultry classic soul.
    by Matt Chamberlain, Viktor Krauss, and Dan Phelps
    Everest Everest
    wonderfully crafted, spontaneous & organic sound with beautiful vinyl packaging.
  36. Fire on the Vine
    by Bryan John Appleby
    Boys Boys
    delicate & powerful, simply breathtaking.
  37. Polymorphic Code
    Trojans Trojans
    Remi Gallego, mastermind behind The Algorithm, has created a progressive, rhythmic, and technically complex amalgamate of two divergent genres.

    often interwoven with polyrhythms and djent styled musings, the album is a fluid combination of the diverse dynamics that are heavily prominent in both metal and electronic.

    variance and seamlessness are dexterously permeated amongst the sheer madness of the music.
    by Ortega
    Metro Metro
    the perfect soundtrack for your home made porn movie.
    by Gentle Mystics
    Fatman Say Fatman Say
    absurdity and madness wrapped in exceptional instrumental prowess.
  40. The Skywatchers Handbook
    by Skywatchers
    Rhythm Of Ashes Rhythm Of Ashes
    moody & melancholic acoustic electronica that weaves infectious melody with beautiful atmospheric soundscapes.

    Kevin Pearce's plaintive earthly vocals and sparse guitar parts are transported into an orbit of spacious deep dark skies, wanderlust and universal insignificance by Dean Horner's & Jarrod Gosling's (I Monster) star studded backdrops.

    comforting & strangely sinister.
  41. Vermilion
    by Dirty Art Club
    Hemlock Hemlock
    a self-contained piece of electronic brilliance.

    psychedelic infused electro sounds eliciting enchanting emotion with bright melodic exploration, entrancing rhythms & tight percussion.

    each track serves its own purpose but plays perfectly into the grand scheme of the album's progression & tone.
  42. Hexes
    by Dirty Art Club
    Black Acid Black Acid
    delicate layering of sin under grace and casual over formal.

    psychedelic hiphop with dark undertones and a chaotic sense of direction.

    pulsing synths & dancing baselines are seamlessly woven into hazy hypnotic shifting melodies.

    a colorfully dark & unpredictable ride.
  43. Ding Dong
    by Ajax Tow
    Horror Show Horror Show
    eclectic cinematic hiphop delivered with depth & personality.

    well engineered combinations of electronic effects & real-world samples comfortably balance between melody & movement.

    masterful work.
  44. Salt For Salt
    by Brown Bird
    Bilgewater Bilgewater
    recorded live to tape, this haunting classicist folk is emotionally rich and confrontative in its honesty.

    rewarding both close listening & repetition, the upbeat nature of the folk-punk arrangements belies the dark nature of the fate-tempting lyrics.

    stunningly arranged & executed.
  45. Live at Maida Vale - BBC
    by Baroness
    Cocainium (BBC Live version) Cocainium (BBC Live version)
    Baroness celebrate their return to the road after the horrific bus crash that nearly ended the band's career with this 4 song EP recorded live on the BBC from the historic Maida Vale studios in London.

    wielding titanic melodies through thunderous propulsive stomps juxtaposed with the spacious moods of 'Cocainium', Baroness delivers exceptional songwriting with a pulse-pounding casual deftness.