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  1. Live For The Very First Time (Live In Mini Club, Subotica, 2-26-2004)
    by Ana Never
    Future Wife Future Wife
    Whenever I hit the road alone, I pick up a post rock record to put on. The last time I went to Araçoiaba da Serra, a city in the interior of São Paulo, I put Future Wife to play. I just can't describe the feeling of connection that I had at that moment. I bought this record because of the live version of this song, since I will probably never find another song like that.
  2. Darwin Deez
    by Darwin Deez
    Bed Space Bed Space
    This record marked a very special time in my life. I remember the mornings going to college, driving and humming "Radar Detector" or "Constelations". When I broke up with a girlfriend, "Bed Space" and "Deep Sea Divers" sheltered me. "Bad Day" was the absolute post-fight song ... Ten years later, the album is still fresh and gives me a holiday feeling.
  3. enlightenment paths
    by Ran Kirlian
  4. Ending of an Era
    by Ran Kirlian
  5. Hans und Lieselotte
    by Steven Jones & Logan Sky
  6. Wonderful Diaphanous
    by Wings Of An Angel
    Who Said Slumber Is Real? Who Said Slumber Is Real?
    A deep inner dive. this album opens up the channels of perception and messes up the notion of time and space. a real meditative experience.
  7. Sleep Magic
    by Wings Of An Angel
    Rely On Animals For Friendship Rely On Animals For Friendship
    You decide to go to a Tibetan ashram, and your tutor sends you to a secluded period in the Himalayan mountains. After seven days of absolute silence, some sounds invade your mind. They come from within, and confirm: the union has been made.
  8. Ethernautica III
    by Ran Kirlian
    Movement III (original version) Movement III (original version)
    Reminds me of Eluvium's Virga, but it has its own atmosphere. not recommended for those who are afraid of spontaneous mystical experiences
  9. Ethernautica IV
    by Ran Kirlian
  10. Paradise Now
    by Kendraplex
  11. Metaphors for Everything
    by Phillip Wilkerson
    Becoming Invisible (reprise) Becoming Invisible (reprise)
    Pure music loaded with Prana.
    This is really special.
    Find an isolated spot, burn some incense, choose your best headphones and watch time and space expand.
  12. Manchaca Vol. 1
    by Boogarins
  13. 8
    by Soundreamer Days
  14. If Everybody Had At Least One Personal Holocaust, Then We Would Have Been Much More Tolerant One Towards Another's Fragility
    by Wings Of An Angel
  15. A Lonely Gust Toward the Heavens
    by Make-Believe Machines
  16. Awake / Asleep
    by Synesthete
  17. Don't Enter Before You're Ready To Commit
    by Wings Of An Angel