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  1. Evacuate The Earth
    by Evacuate the Earth
  2. Silence
    by Will Driving West
  3. Twerk & Travel in Space
    Apollo 13 Apollo 13
    My favorite astro stoner jazzmen did it again! Be prepared for a brilliant, explorative jazz trip into space, a great adventure ranging dynamically from soothing, trance-like passages of jazzy drum & bass to downright epic and memorable moments.The recording and production alone are putting the Rocket Men among the best of the best. Factor in the movie soundtrack potential of this rocket ship full of brilliant ideas and you'll have no excuse for not buying it. Godspeed, Rocket Men!
  4. Last Sight of Land
    by Bee and Flower
  5. svartmálm
    Excellent recording, perfect pace yet reminding of the good old times when death metal handed the anti-grail over to the very first black metal pioneers. This is by far the best piece of black metal art in a very, very long time for me. Gritty with a weird Dante inferno warmth to it, eerie, godless and pitch black. Best-in-class sound that makes high-end cans and speakers shine, which is damn rare for down-to-earth bm that stays true to the course and its roots at all times. These guys truly mark their territory with power, will and dedication. Thanks for luring me back in after such a long leave!

    EDIT: favorite track? Not on this one. Impossible to single one out. Have all six or p1ss off ;-)
  6. Egospect
    by Sheep, Dog & Wolf
    by essence of datum
    Siberia Siberia
    Wow! First prog metal record I fell for in a long time. Instant buy after first rotation actually. This one is a real gem. Getting rid of a singer to make it fully instrumental and let an insanely good sax player do the "singing" – bold choice and, to my ears, the only one that makes sense. Hell I'd love, love, love to see that sax guy, Nikita Metelski, have his status changed from "guest" to "member"... Excellent, rich, colourful and very enjoyable album!
  8. Dark Light
    by DenManTau
    by CEILD
  10. Busker's Philosophy
    by DenManTau
  11. Crash And Burn
    by Deerborn
  12. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
  13. Weightless EP
  14. B-sides
    by theAngelcy
  15. Angel gets high (live)
    by theAngelcy
  16. Exit Inside (live)
    by theAngelcy
  17. MotherLover
    by theAngelcy
  18. People of the Heavens (live)
    by theAngelcy
  19. Cosmic Unity
    by Family Atlantica
  20. From Beyond (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Massacre