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  1. Murmuration Without End
    by Ben Lumsdaine
  2. Halloween
    by Oneida with Katie Eastburn aka KATIEE
  3. Living Exhibits
    by Endless Teeth
  4. R.RING / Vacation split 7"
    by R.RING / Vacation
  5. Fake Ideas
    by Hurry
  6. inner [demo]ns
    by wurm king
  7. Tunnel Speeches
    by Tunnel Speeches
  8. ep
    by occurian
  9. ep
    by occurian
    I really can't get over Kettle Boils. It's so driving despite the herk-jerk of the sax patch or w/e the electronically academic would call the mid range melody. I know skronk is usually used in other areas but it's the first word to sprout that sound for me.
    Dan really just hands it out on this one, as a whole. Like spreading buttered beats across a thick toast, so deliberate. Despite the electronic toolset he keeps it human, wrenching the sounds with him as he conducts these synths.
  10. Pürr Bliss vol.1
    by K. Reiff, Shy Knife, Melting, Brian Hamilton
  11. Deerhoof Plays Music Of The Shining
    by Deerhoof
  12. Friends. Lovers. Favorites
    by The HIRS Collective
  13. Rock Island
    by Palm
  14. Shadow Expert
    by Palm
  15. paper plates
    by bean trees
  16. a new world (tape 1)
    by Solarized
  17. thermo dynamics of life (tape 2)
    by Solarized
  18. lamp shade demos
    by bean trees
  19. Split w/ Roy Orbitron
    by Huge Pupils