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  1. Call Of The Wild
    by Powerwolf
  2. Menhir
    by Thurnin
  3. BEAT TAPE 31.
    by your best friend jippy
  4. La pénombre de l'agir
    by Précipices
    Nous sommes le vide, nous sommes les ruines Nous sommes le vide, nous sommes les ruines
  5. L'entéléchie du malheur
    by Précipices
    Idées éparses Idées éparses
  6. Bells of Awakening
    by Visigoth
    Abysswalker Abysswalker
  7. The Triumph Of Piracy
    by Rumahoy
    Forest Party Forest Party
    If I had ale, I'd drink it right now. If I had a boat, I'd probably be a pirate!
  8. Premonitions
    by Sojourner
    The Deluge The Deluge
  9. Ember Breather
    by VELDES
    Dust Scatterer Dust Scatterer
    To be honest, Veldes is the only black metal "band" I can listen to. It's also my favorite artist of all time.
  10. The Powerless Rise
    by As I Lay Dying
    Vacancy Vacancy
  11. Dead and Alive
    by Parasite Inc.
    Once and for All Once and for All
    My new religion.
  12. Time Tears Down
    by Parasite Inc.
    The Pulse of the Dead The Pulse of the Dead
    My new religion.
  13. The Bitterness Prophecy
    by Veldes
    Hollow Antlers Hollow Antlers
  14. Skyward
    by Veldes
    Of Rain And Moss Of Rain And Moss
  15. Descent
    by Veldes
    Watcher Of Fading Light Watcher Of Fading Light
  16. Storm Borrower
    by Veldes
    Storm Borrower Storm Borrower
  17. Flameless
    by Veldes
    Keeper of the Flameless Keeper of the Flameless
  18. The Sacrament Of Sin
    by Powerwolf
    Fire & Forgive Fire & Forgive
  19. Blessed and Possessed
    by Powerwolf
  20. No Grave But The Sea
    by Alestorm
    Fucked with an Anchor Fucked with an Anchor