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  1. Lux Nigredo
    by Grave Gnosis
  2. Rancorum - The Vermin Shrine
    by Rancorum
  3. Diabolical Omen of Hell
    by Lord Mortvm
  4. Ancient spells
    by ATRIUM
  5. Bleeding Alchemic Talisman
    by Umbral Twilight
  6. Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond
  7. The Imminent Slaughter
    by Last Agony
  8. With Joy and Ardour Through the Incommensurable Path
    by Hadit
  9. Crown on the Head of a King of Mud
    by Human Failure
  10. Howls From The Graveyard
    by Coffin Creep
  11. Night of Consecration
    by Pyriphlegethon
  12. Hail to the Necrodoom
    by Gargoyle
  13. Ferry Of Death
  14. Wild Fire
    by Dawn Ray'd
  15. LayiL
    by Insane Vesper
  16. Abomination Of Death
    by Insane Vesper
  17. In the Vortex of Destructive Creations
    by Todestriebe
  18. Demo II "秘密の夜の殺人者"
    by Vulvanic
  19. PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)
    by Inferno
  20. The Death Ballads
    by Mortifero